Top (5) Best Truck Winch Review + Buying Guide in 2024 (Updated)

When selecting the best truck winch, make sure it has a weight capability of at least 8000 pounds.

In fact, for heavy-duty operations, it’s best to start with a weight of 10,000 pounds. You can start with a weight capacity of 8000 lbs for medium-duty jobs.

That being said, not all winches are realistic, and if you’re as careful as I am, you shouldn’t accept all the marketing hypes at face value. 

Which is the best truck winch? 

Let’s find it out.

Comparison Table of Best Truck Winch

RankProduct NamePrice
1.Warn 89611 ZEON 10-S WinchCheck at Amazon
2.Smittybilt X2O COMPCheck at Amazon
3.X-BULL 12V Synthetic Rope WinchCheck at Amazon
4.ORCISH 12V 13000-lb LoadCheck at Amazon
5.Champion 10,000-lb WinchCheck at Amazon

List of 5 Best Truck Winch in 2024

1. Warn 89611 ZEON 10-S Winch- Best Truck Winch for the Money

Warn 89611 ZEON 10-S Winch

Don’t be put off by the price of this winch; it’s well worth it.

From all the features you’ll get, this truck winch is at the top of the standings. 

It includes a flexible control pack that lets you attach your winch in any way you choose.

Again, if you’re only going to use this Warn winch once in a while, the extra expense might not be worth it. This is your typical truck winch that enjoys being tinkered with. 

Take it on off-road adventures with you, and you’ll find that it can rescue you from a lot of problems.

The components are composed of stainless steel, and the powder-coated housing is made of aluminum. These protect the winch from damage caused by the elements and misuse. 

While the installation is straightforward, some cars will necessitate the use of a Warn bumper. You might also require a relocation package if you need to install the gear in a confined space.


It has a control pack that can be moved about.

It’s really simple to set up and use.

This is a low-profile recovery winch that is lightweight and small. As a consequence, it is quite comfortable to wear.

Three-stage planetary gear and free spooling are included.

This winch also has a series wound motor with more than 6 hp for rapid speed and minimal overheating.

The control pack is held securely in place by a cast-iron bracing plate, which increases the overall stiffness of the device.

The hook is also of high quality.


This winch has a steel cable rope and a hawse fairlead. Much preferable would be a wheel fairlead with steel fiber.

It’s a little on the expensive side. With that stated, Warn winches are fairly prevalent.

2. Smittybilt X2O COMP: Best Recovery Truck Winch

Smittybilt X2O COMP

According to my research, if you’re searching for a high-quality product at a reasonable price, this winch is the best truck winch. Offroaders consider it to be one of the most popular and well-liked winch models.

Because it’s a 17500-pound winch, you’ll want to keep the truck’s gross weight under 11666 pounds. It will provide you with the finest performance and guarantee that the winch lasts a long time.

Overall, this winch is a good value for money power in and power out winch that can be used regularly. 

A seamless and secure winching experience has standard features such as a three-stage planetary gear system and an automated load-holding brake.


It’s a new XRC Gen2 series with improved performance.

A localizable control pack is included with this heavy-duty winch (with three mounting options).

It has an IP67 rating. That is to say, the device is watertight.

With a large enough free spooling clutch lever, you can easily use it while wearing gloves.

The hook is of excellent quality.

The installation and operating methods are simple.

The kit includes a rather large and well-functioning wired (12 feet) remote.

The 94-foot heavy-duty stainless steel wire operates admirably and does not tangle.

When you consider the application, durability, and effectiveness, this winch is a good value.


At this pricing range, I expected a wireless remote and a winch cover included with the package.

3.  X-BULL 12V Synthetic Rope Winch: Best Budget Truck Winch

X-BULL 12V Synthetic Rope Winch

This orange-colored high-duty winch has a weight pulling ability of 13000 lbs, making it a good choice for towing your truck.

However, the truck’s gross weight should not exceed 8666 pounds to adhere to the rule of thumb.

This is the winch to get if you’re searching for a dependable high-capacity winch for around $500. This is the finest winch for a vehicle I’ve seen with this much power and features in its pricing range.


It’s simple to set up and utilize.

It has an IP67 rating. It is, thus, waterproof.

The new mobile remote control functions as intended.

The additional wired remote is meant to provide you a better grip and control over the remote.

A weather-sealed and positionable solenoid box allows you to place it wherever is most convenient.

In a short circuit or overload, an overwhelm protector is put in to detect the unit.

With the package, you’ll get a winch cover.

The 85-foot synthetic rope proved to be a good length, lightweight, and sturdy enough for the job.


Although it is waterproof, it is not a good underwater winch. A spray of water, on the other hand, will not harm it.

It’s a little too loud for my taste.

The user handbook should be the focus of the manufacturer’s efforts.

ORCISH 12V 13000-lb Load truck winch

This 13000-pound winch is a powerful winch and one of the finest truck winches on my list for the money. The components are composed of stainless steel, and the powder-coated housing is made of aluminum. 

These protect the winch from damage caused by the elements and misuse. While the installation is straightforward, some cars will necessitate the use of a Warn bumper.

Like some other 13000 lb vehicle winches, this winch is a useful device for towing up to 8666 pounds with ease.

It won’t matter if you maintain the vehicle weight under 13000 lb, although that’s not a smart practice according to the rule of thumb.

Yes, it has a free spooling system, a three-stage gear reduction system, and an automated load-holding brake.

You will not be disappointed if you purchase this winch if you seek a well-balanced option in terms of quality and pricing.


With the package, you’ll get two remotes, as well as a sturdy wired (12’) remote and a pair of gloves.

It’s another waterproof device with an IP67 rating.

Without a doubt, weather-sealed control equipment with a circuit breaker improves safety.

It has a straightforward setup procedure.

The 85-foot stainless steel wire that runs through a 4-way roller fairlead glides easily in and out.

It’s a budget-friendly option.


The remote’s battery life might have been better. That is why I recommend that you bring some additional batteries with you.

You might find the pace a little sluggish.

Champion 10,000-lb Winch: Best Truck Winch

The winch, as its name indicates, is equipped with super-strong characteristics that enhance its performance. It incorporates both cost-cutting and power-boosting strategies. 

These are the most important factors to consider when selecting a decent truck winch! Let’s take a closer look at this model.

The thicker drum on this model distinguishes it from other truck winches on the market, which provides strength to the winch while pulling the vehicle. 

It’s built to handle up to 9,500 pounds of weight. The components are composed of stainless steel, and the powder-coated housing is made of aluminum. 

These protect the winch from damage caused by the elements and misuse. On the other hand, you get a motor that works well. The weather-sealed 5 HP motor is capable of towing your car.


It’s a well-designed winch with sturdy construction.

A series-wound motor is used, which minimizes overheating and operates at high speeds effectively.

The weather-sealed solenoid can be replaced if necessary.

The IP67 rating of this Rough Country winch is impressive. It’s dust- and water-resistant.

A corded (12 ft) controller that is easy to grip and operate works well.

It’s simple to set up and utilize.

A 94-foot steel cable runs steadily through a 4-way roller fairlead.

When you consider the mass load-bearing capacity and quality, it’s a steal.


The package does not include a wireless control controller.

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Buying a Truck Winch 

If you possess a truck, you most certainly want to utilize it for heavy-duty tasks; otherwise, it’s simply for show. A winch is essential if you’re going to assist recover automobiles or lift a tree out of the ground. 

You may well not know how to choose the best truck winch even if you know you need another one.

The finest truck winch for you may differ depending on what you need it for and what sort of vehicle you drive. 

There are a few things to think about before making a selection that will help you limit your possibilities.

Hydraulic Winch or Electric Winch?

Electric winches are powered by the battery in your car. As a result, it’s simple to set up and use. Many truck fans choose electric versions to get out of a bind. 

On the other hand, a hydraulic winch could be ideal if you plan on performing some heavy-duty hauling. These winches need a hydraulic pump and system to fit your truck because they depend on hydraulics. 

Hydraulics are much more expensive and complex to install, but they have more pulling power and a higher load capacity in nearly every manner. 

Before you buy, think about which winch would be the greatest fit for your needs.

Cable Quality

On a winch, there are two major types of cable material: steel and synthetic. While there are many schools of thought on the topic, synthetic cable is preferred by most individuals. 

Because they are more flexible and have a high amount of strength, this is the case. A synthetic rope is low-maintenance and safe in the event of a break. 

A synthetic wire has a pulling force of up to 9,500 pounds, which is rather amazing. Even if you buy one with a steel cable, you may easily replace it with a synthetic cable later.


There’s no doubt that you’ll need a vehicle winch if you’re going on a rough trip. You tend to fling around some muck, dirt, and dust when you move across difficult terrains. 

A motor that is exposed to these natural pressures should be avoided. Otherwise, it may break down when you need it the most.

Many failures are caused by motor dysfunction, so look for one that is closed. The mechanics are protected from dirt, dampness, rain, snow, and dust by having a sealed motor. 

These are some of the most prevalent corrosion-causing elements. Make sure you choose a vehicle winch with a sealed engine to secure yourself and your truck.

Pulling Ability

When you utilize a winch to pull more than it can handle, you’re asking for trouble. When the cable snaps, momentum takes over. As a result, there are countless accidents, damage to property, and even fatalities.

Make sure you buy a vehicle with a large pulling capacity while you’re looking at the alternatives for your truck. 

When you plan on hauling anything heavy-duty, you won’t need one that draws less than 6,500 pounds.


This is another place where you should put in a little additional effort. There are a lot of winches on the market that don’t come with attachments that make them easier to operate. 

A spool in the barrel and cordless remote control devices to activate the winch are included in higher-end versions. You should also get thorough instructions on how to operate your new winch. 

Consider vehicle flexibility: a decent winch may be used on an ATV, UTE, or SUV. A decent ATV winch is always handy, so if your vehicle model can do both, that’s fantastic!

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  1. Is a winch’s warranty important?

    Yes, it is important without a doubt. It’s usually preferable to get a winch that has a guarantee. 

    This not only helps protect the goods you’re buying, but it also eliminates the bother of needing to obtain replacement components. A warranty is included with the majority of the top winches.

  2. Is it possible for a winch to deplete your battery?

    If your winch is not in use, you don’t have to worry about your battery depleting. You may also extend the life of your battery by tightening your cords.

  3. Is it really worth it to invest in a winch?

    A winch can be quite useful if you frequently drive off-road or travel a lot in general. A winch can successfully assist you in retrieving your vehicle if your vehicle becomes stuck and there is no help around.

  4. Is it possible to increase the speed of a winch?

    You’ll need to raise the voltage of your motor to improve the speed of your winch. You may also use a cracker block to double the line, which will improve the winch’s pulling power.

  5. Is it worthwhile to invest in waterproof winches?

    If you often go to muddy and rainy locations, a waterproof winch is a must-have. 

    The ingress protection grade will give you a better understanding of the winch’s amount of safety against dust, water, corrosion, and other external elements. 

    The IP rating’s first number denotes solid particle size, while the second indicates water resistance.

  6. What is the best hydraulic truck winch?

  7. What is the best portable truck winch?

    Our #1 Choice for the portable truck winch is Bravex Trailer Winch

  8. What size winch do I need for my truck?

    The recommended Size of the winch is simply double the weight of your vehicle.


As you can see, I went over all of the advantages and disadvantages of each Best truck winch separately. 

I’m hoping you found what you were searching for.

Last but not least, if money isn’t a problem, go with the Warn winch. 

They will last considerably longer than other manufacturers, and the quality of their winches is excellent.

However, you can choose from the other alternatives on the list. 

You will not be disappointed by any of the options I have provided. 

It is entirely dependent on your needs and budget.

I hope you liked the article on the best truck winch and can choose from the list provided in the article.

Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases at no cost to you.

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