Top 5 Best Portable Electric Winch in 2023 (Updated)

There are many ways to move heavy objects, but one of the most convenient is using a portable electric winch. These devices use electricity to generate the mechanical force needed to pull an object, making them much easier than manual methods like pulleys or levers.

There are a variety of portable electric winches on the market, so finding the right one for your needs can be tricky. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the five best portable electric winches currently available.

Let’s check out the list now.

Table of 5 Best Portable Electric Winch in 2023

Our Top Pick

Extreme Max 5600.3084 ATV/UTV Winch mount

WARN 885000 Portable winch

Highly durable

1000lb Capacity

Easy to use

Editor’s Pick

Superwinch Portable Winch

Superwinch Portable Winch

4000lb capacity

Includes a three 20,000 lb D-shackles

Includes a 16,000 lb pulley block

Runner UP

Champion Power Equipment-12090

Champion Power Equipment-12090

2000lb capacity

0.3-horsepower DC motor

2-year limited warranty

Also Great

Mega Flint Trailer Winch

Mega Flint Trailer Winch

6000lb capacity

Low Noise Design

Enhanced Power Motor


Bravex Trailer Winch

Bravex Trailer Winch

6000lb capacity

2 years warranty

Enhanced Power Motor

5 Best Portable Electric Winch

1. WARN 885000 – Best Portable Warn Winch

WARN 885000

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

Highly durable

1000lb Capacity

Easy to use

We began our list with the best portable electric winch adventure with the most basic, AC/DC, then progressed to the WARN series 885000 winch.

It only has 1000 pounds of lifting capacity, similar to small RC winches, but it’s a great alternative to AC versions at your job site. Your off-road adventure, however, may be limited by the DC power. 

Its 15-foot supplied rope can substitute any old-fashioned cables due to its robust design and compatibility.

This machine, like previous Red PullzAll versions, has an LED overloading warning. 

Except for the limited pulling capacity, we have built a relationship with it, making the unit much more unique. 

Nevertheless, both forward and backward triggered remotes allow you to pull up an i-beam, barriers, and other heavy machinery from a respectable distance.


It has an overload LED indication built-in. When you’re overloaded, the light goes on to warn you.

It’s really light and portable. The handle’s quality deserves credit.

The adjustable trigger on the PullzAll, along with the forward and reverse control buttons, allows you to accurately regulate the motion and movement.

A 15’ wire rope with a high-quality hook is available to accomplish the lifting or pulling for you.


When compared to the other alternatives on my list, it’s a little expensive. With that stated, if you’re not new to the winch business, you’re probably familiar with Warn’s price point.

2. Superwinch Portable Winch – best superwinch portable winch

Superwinch 1140232

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

4000lb capacity

Includes a three 20,000 lb D-shackles

Includes a 16,000 lb pulley block

The Superwinch Portable Winch is one of the best portable winches on the market today. Superwinch crammed all required functions into a box that’s easy to transport, install, and operate.

This portable winch is not only lightweight but also simple to set up. Once you’ve gotten used to it, you’ll be able to set it up in under a minute. 

It has a powerful 4,000-pound traction system that can free even a stuck compact SUV. The use of a proprietary reinforcing device boosts pulling power to 8,000 pounds. 

Steel wire and synthetic rope versions are available. During use, rapid cooling protects it from overheating. The locks are plastic, which might have been better.


It’s small and easy to transport. I have to commend the ergonomic handle design, which makes it simple to transport this winch anywhere you want.

This winch is extremely small, making it very easy to store.

While working with the cable, a free-spinning clutch makes life easier.

On both the front and back, there are two rigging hooks.

There is a built-in load limitation. When the maximum weight cap is reached, it provides aural feedback and disengages the motor from the winch.

The system includes a top-of-the-line 30’ wire rope with hawse fairlead.


The price may have been lower. However, the price is outweighed by the quality and usability.

3. Champion Power Equipment-12090 – Best Portable Winch for 4×4

Champion Power Equipment-12090

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

2000lb capacity

0.3-horsepower DC motor

2-year limited warranty

The loading capacity of this best portable winch is up to 2000 pounds. It has a three-stage straight gear train, a 0.30 horsepower motor, and a 30-foot steel rope with a 15-inch diameter. 

For further longevity, the steel rope and clevis hook connected to the device have been galvanized. 

It also comes with a 10-foot cable and a portable rocker switch. This hitch receiver retrieval tool is ideal for cars with a hitch receiver.

As a result, it fits into any 2-inch hitch ball receiver with ease. Furthermore, it features a relatively small form factor. 

As a result, if you’re searching for one of the finest portable electric winches, this is a good option. A few customers were dissatisfied with the winch. 

They suggested that it would be preferable if it had a reverse function. On the other hand, other purchasers have remarked that this is a fantastic winch for the price.


This winch is simple to install and use.

All you need to install the winch is included in the kit, including a hitch plate.

It’s light and simple to transport.

It’s a well-built and dependable machine.

This device is ideal for light to medium-duty applications.

It’s adaptable.

In comparison with its competitors, it is relatively affordable.

This winch comes with a 20-foot power cord that you can quickly connect to the device.

You’ll get a well-functioning wired controller with a long (9.9”) cord with the package.


A tad slow 

4. Mega Flint Trailer Winch – Best Portable Electric Winch

 Mega Flint Trailer Winch

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

6000lb capacity

Low Noise Design

Enhanced Power Motor

This portable electric winch is capable of towing boats weighing up to 6000 pounds. It may, however, be utilized for a variety of different hauling jobs. It includes a 30-foot steel rope as well as a wired remote control. 

The remote comes with a 10-foot (approximately) wire so you can control it from a respectable distance. Even though it is a portable electric winch, it may also be operated manually.

Furthermore, it has both a dynamic and conventional braking system. This gadget is merely 27 pounds in weight and has a net size of 9.57.510 inches. 

As a result, you can quickly throw it on your Overlanding rig and take it with you anywhere you go.


It’s simple to set up and use.

It is more efficient than its competitors.

A closed solenoid control box is included with this winch. The solenoid is protected from the elements by the box.

It’s small and easy to transport.

The device has a carry handle to make it easier to transport.

Because it has a 2-inch reception bar and a mounting plate, you may use it with a Class III 2-inch receiver hitch.

Onboard fast connect battery leads (72”) are included with this winch. This makes it easier to connect to the charger.

The cordless remote control is excellent. A built-in LED light on the connected (15’) remote control aids in working in the dark.

It has a reasonable price.


A longer lock pin and battery lead may be required. It isn’t absolutely required, but I believe they are lacking.

5. Bravex Trailer Winch- Best Portable Electric Winch

Bravex Trailer Winch 6000LBS

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

6000lb capacity

2 years warranty

Enhanced Power Motor

This Bravex portable electric winch is quite similar to the MegaFlint winch that I previously evaluated. The specifications, as well as the performance, are the same. However, there is a minor price variation. 

This device has a pulling capacity of 2000 pounds, a rolling capacity of 6000 pounds, and a boat capacity of 5000 pounds. If you wish to use this winch to pull your boat, the greatest boat size advised is 18’. 

This type also has a dual-direction pulling mechanism. This implies it can pull and spool at the same time. This makes things a little easier. Overall, this is a fantastic alternative for you.


It’s dependable, powerful, and simple to set up the winch.

It’s both small and light. As a result, transporting this winch is a piece of cake.

This device also has a dual-mode function (electrical and manual).

This Bravex winch is a flexible item used with various vehicles, including boats, trailers, and trucks.

It comes with a low-noise design.

The winching procedure is smooth and dependable, thanks to a high-quality 30’ (29’ for working) metal wire and a high-quality net.

The quality of the crank handle is also exceptional.

This device has reasonable pricing.


The wired controller (9’ 9”) works well. However, the plastic quality might be better.

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Best Portable Electric Winch Buyer’s Guide

Pulling Capacity

What is the maximum pulling force? How much is sufficient for you? These are some good things to ask before purchasing any portable electric winches. 

The maximum pulling capacity we’ve measured for Warn 885000 is 12000 pounds. It’s a high-graded winch with access to DC power. In addition, it can endure any large frame rigs or automobiles. 

WARN 885000, for example, is a small winch with a 1000-pound pulling capability. You may use this electric winch to mount big rock crawlers.

Line Speeds

Power-hungry speeds are separated from the intended line speeds. However, you may need to put in some effort to reach those speeds. 

Once a winch is installed, it is feasible to draw a cable or rope at a reasonable speed. However, whether object-packed times extraction methods trade-off the fastest unload time jobs vary.

When you strive for a steady increase in line speed or the quickest line speed, you are putting a strain on the vehicle’s battery. 

In any event, you must remember the safest approaches in that situation. As a result, the battery is not at risk of overheating.

Mounting System

The mounting mechanism is indicated by mounting choices in most winches. 

Once you’ve confirmed that your purchase has a large installation base down near the bottom with holes, move on to the next step. 

The longer you wait, the more options you’ll have for easily mounting an electric winch to your larger or smaller car.

Another thing you should have double-checked is if the foundation is made of hard material. This element keeps the winch from cracking or causing damage to the ropes and cables.

Usability of a Portable Winch

The best portable winch can be useful in a variety of situations. These may be the ideal option for you if you are not a regular off-roader. 

Because these portable gadgets do not require permanent installation on your car, you may easily take them with you on your outdoor adventures. 

As a result, it may be placed in a secure location at all times and will not take up room in your car. Similarly, it can be beneficial to campers and overlanders.

The majority of these products are quite reasonably priced. As a result, you can purchase one and store it as a backup winch in an emergency. 

If you’re part of a group of overlanders, you can purchase one of these winches for everyone. You will also be able to save money in doing so. 

Because it is not permanently mounted on a single vehicle, you may utilise it for all of your group’s cars as needed.

Maintenance of a Portable Winch

Routine examination of the different components and storing them in a dry, dirt-free environment are important aspects of winch maintenance. 

Because all types of winches are susceptible to moisture and sediment, they must be cleaned after each usage to eliminate any leftover filth. 

If the winch isn’t used often, it should be examined at least once every few months to verify that the fittings are in good working order.

The rope should be completely spooled in and out to ensure that the gears and levers are not stuck and are operating smoothly. 

Electrical connections should be tightened, and gear grease should be examined. The following are some general principles to remember. 

Every winch also goes with an instruction handbook that explains the winch’s complexities and includes a helpful checklist of all the regular maintenance procedures to follow.

how to set up a portable winch

How To Wire a Portable Winch

According to the installation guide, the solenoid should be mounted as near to the battery as feasible. That would place it in the foreground. The rocker switch would be placed near the solenoid and battery. 

Only if you want it anywhere on the dashboard. The remote plug must be mounted on the receiver plate close to the portable winch. 

Unless you acquire a second plug from a portable winch and install one on the front and back of the vehicle permanently.

When the portable winch is mounted on the back of your van, you’ll have a long cable run between both the battery and the winch. The instructions state that a 6 gauge wire should be used. 

Given the length of the run to the back, you’d be a little suspicious of that. When the portable winch is mounted on the back of your vehicle, the remote control connection will have a grand scheme. 

To accommodate the extent of the connection to the back, you would raise the wire length. 

It appears that you will want two different types of fast to detach connections. 

One for the actuator’s positive and negative, and another for the remotely controlled wiring, presumably a smaller gauge fast disconnect. Unless you use the wiring for the second remote connection.

How to use a portable winch

Portable winches were developed to take the role of come-along winches and hand winches. 

It increases the efficiency of pulling jobs by automating the process rather than depending on human power to complete the task. 

The methods for utilizing a portable winch are identical to those for using the best portable winch for 4×4 vehicle.

The winch should be secured to a solid object and can do simple, light tasks in farming and ranching, plant care, building, pipe fitting, hunting, home renovation, garages, and other areas. 

Based on the anchoring utilized, these winches could be used for pulling or lifting.


Is it true that electric winches are truly portable?

For such a query, we have a resounding yes. Initially, all types of winches take power from a motor via a drum. 

The wire is spooled by the wheel from the manufacturer, and an electric winch is charged by electricity, for example, a Warn 910500 drill motor. 

The electricity generation is then transferred to your winch through a magnet, and it begins to function.

The majority of electric winches may be used with either wireless or wired systems. This isn’t to say that portability isn’t important.

Which Mounts to Use for a Portable Winch?

Normally, we recommend you use chains for anchoring the winch. You can use mounts that let you anchor the winch to the 2″ ball of your vehicle, but they are not as solid and secure as you’d want.

How Much line Pull can a Portable Winch Give You?

The portable winches mentioned in this list rate at 1,000lb. Pulling, but more winches are available in the market that rate at 5,000 and 6,000lb. 

If you want a lighter winch, then go with options that have 500lb or 1,000 lb. And, if you want more power, go with winches that have around 4,000lb pull or more. 


A portable winch can be a great addition to your toolkit, whether you’re using it for work or play. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best portable electric winches on the market so that you can find the perfect one for your needs.

We’ve got you covered, from heavy-duty models that can tow up to 8,000 pounds to smaller units that are perfect for ATVs. So what are you waiting for?

Get out there and start exploring with the peace of mind of knowing you’ve got a reliable portable winch.

Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases at no cost to you.

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