5 Best Hand Winch for ATV in 2024(Updated)

Let’s see some of the best hand winch for ATV in this article.

Do you want to get the greatest hand winch? If that’s the case, you’re not alone. 

The most brilliant option you can make is to get the greatest hand-operated winch for all of your lifting equipment needs. 

Particularly if you don’t want to chance any injuries that could cause long-term mobility or health issues.

When you need to move something that seems impossible for one or perhaps even a few persons to lift, these hand winches will come in help. 

While there are many hand winches for ATV on the marketplace, just five have stuck out to us as the best, and as a result, they have made our selection.

5 Best Hand Winch for ATV in 2024

  1. BULLETSHAKER 3200LBS Polyester Strap Hand Winch
  2. G Ganen 3200lbs Polyester Strap Hand Winch
  3. SoB 600lbs Capacity Hand Winch
  4. EASYBERG 600 lbs Hand Winch
  5. VOWAGH 600lbs Hand Crank Winch

1. BULLETSHAKER 3200LBS Review – Overall Best Hand Winch For ATV

BULLETSHAKER 3200LBS Polyester Strap 2 Gear Hand Winch

For a variety of reasons, most new users adored this winch. One, the rope was simple to set up and take down without snagging. Furthermore, they were able to easily install the winch rope. 

It’s also super-strong, allowing it to carry enormous loads such as concrete and other building supplies.

According to one user, this is great for hefty objects such as bricks and other base materials that are too heavy for someone to lift alone.

This has a 1,200-pound maximum weight. As a result, it can do light-duty jobs but not heavy-duty ones. It’s mainly used for towing boats, although it can also be used to lift heavy goods. 

This will be an excellent go-to winch for light-duty situations, so if you require one, this will be a wise purchase.

This will be ideal for construction employees and clients who prefer to have a winch handle all the hard lifts than have many individuals do it. 

With a strong, dependable winch like this, your construction projects will be a breeze.

For all of your lifting equipment needs, this will become one of the most reliable winches. 

And if you need to haul some equipment to a job site, this puppy could be the best friend you’ve ever had. If you’re searching for a winch for light-duty work, this one will not let you down.

2. G Ganen 3200lbs Review – Best Hand Winch for ATV

G Ganen 3200lbs Polyester Strap 2 Gear Hand Winch

Many new consumers were eager to comment on the winch’s overall durability. They said it could withstand all of the scuffs and bangs that come with industrial uses. 

Since most customers were utilizing this for towing or pulling, the lifting ability was quite good. Since the handle was unpleasant at first, one user stated he could make simple tweaks to it. 

After a simple modification, he was able to use it more frequently without feeling strained.

This winch is tiny in stature, but it will be ideal for hauling and lifting items that must be carried from one location to another.

Perhaps you’re taking a tent out into the wilderness for the weekend? Maybe you’d like to utilize it to get large items out of the garage. 

Whatever it is, this winch is up to the task. And, because it won’t rust, you can expect it to last a long time. 

With the hefty burden, you can effortlessly wound and unwind the rope without fear of snapping it in half. So, if you’re looking for durability, this winch will provide it.

This will be utilized for light-duty applications (but heavy lifting). If you’re pulling boats or campers, for example, you’ll reap the benefits of this. 

It may not be the type that can carry 4,000 to 6,000 pounds, but it can definitely prove to be among the toughest around. Don’t be put off by the weight limit. In some form or another, it is still useful.

If you want to tow your camper, RV, or small car for some good – old outdoor fun, the G Ganen 3200lbs winch will be well worth the money in the long run. 

You’ll have a hard time finding a hand winch like this. It can lift a lot of weight without breaking or warping. 

You’ll adore this hand winch but never get sick of utilizing it to your benefit if you really want a good winch that can struggle to make your camping trip joyful.

3. SoB 600lbs Heavy Duty Hand Winch Review – Best Hand Winch for ATV

SoB 600lbs Capacity Heavy Duty Hand Winch

As expected, this hand winch was well received by many new users. The majority of people utilized it for lifting heavy objects and unloading them. 

Most importantly, it’s ideal for towing boats and even certain compact automobiles. 

One guy even said he used it to take his sailboat out on the water for a weekend. He didn’t have any hitching troubles, nor did he have any rope reliability concerns.

Even though it’s a budget winch, it’s far from cheap and fragile. It comes with a rope that is extremely robust and capable of handling hefty lifting whenever you need it.

It’s made to last a long time and through multiple uses. So, if you use it to haul or lift objects regularly, don’t be surprised if you keep using it several years down the line. 

Furthermore, this puppy can withstand a weight of up to 6,000 pounds. That’s a lot of weight to lift! Don’t be put off by the weight limit. In some form or another, it is still useful.

This is a terrific entry-level winch for individuals searching for something that would last a long time before they can get to upgrade. And, because it’s within most people’s budgets, you’ll probably acquire one for yourself. 

You may retain it for a long time and never need to upgrade to a fairer system. This hand winch will have the job done if you need dependable and long-lasting heavy lifting.

This monster might be the go-to option if you really want a hand winch that is strong, durable, and super-affordable. The quantity of use you’ll get from this will undoubtedly satisfy you. 

That’s the kind of hand winch that won’t even give you a hard time or cause you any strain or pain after extended use, whether that’s a beginner model or for the long haul.

EASYBERG 600 lbs Hand Winch

For a variety of reasons, many new users were pleased with the hand winch. First and foremost, they were pleased with the two-ton total weight. They were pleased that it came true, despite their initial doubts. 

The majority of users were car mechanics who utilized it to tow autos. One user remarked that the amount of weight it could carry in towing and lifting operations astounded him.

In comparison to other hand winches, this one has a higher weight capacity. As a result, it can easily carry two tonnes (4,000 pounds). No endeavor will be too difficult for this winch.

It has the potential to be one of the greatest for any household or commercial application. If you need to transfer a boat or put some big containers into your vehicle, this is the winch for the job.

Don’t be put off by the weight limit. In some form or another, it is still useful. This will most likely be used for both household and business purposes. 

If you require something with a bigger weight capacity, this will be ideal. Heavy items may have to be lifted, yet it is sometimes too much for a small group of individuals to handle alone.

To acquire the winch that will save you time and effort. This could be the lifesaver you’ve been looking for.

The EASYBERG 600 lbs is a great hand winch that will almost probably overtake the top overall position in the future. 

Given its longevity and likelihood of operating correctly every time you use it, the weight capacity provides it an advantage and may possibly make it one of the best versions. 

If it isn’t an example of dependability, we don’t know what is.

VOWAGH 600lbs 26FT 2" Hand Winch

Most consumers found this winch to be simple to operate. The majority were using it to pack and transport big objects such as boats, boxes or crates of commodities, and business-related items, as well as motors and engines. 

The strap was really sturdy right out of the box, and the installation was flawless. 

One customer said that he could put a huge engine into his truck and transport it to be repaired. He was, without a doubt, pleased with the overall performance.

The changeable locations on this hand winch make it much more user-friendly. It also has an ergonomic design that prevents you from getting injured or strained when lifting heavy goods. 

This winch might be considered a textbook illustration of how a hand winch should work. This winch has made a good argument for why it merits the overall best nod. It’s simple to hook up and use.

If you require a winch for personal or business usage, this will undoubtedly be one of the most popular options on the market. It will be useful if you need to carry something in the bed of the truck. 

It’s sturdy, light, and small enough to fit in most automobiles. Don’t be put off by the weight limit. In some form or another, it is still useful. 

This hand winch may be the ideal alternative for you if you just want the best of the best. When it refers to hand winches, the VOWAGH 600lbs could just be the best in the game. 

It can also be used for various heavy lifting and transportation tasks. The VOWAGH 600lbs Winch could be just what you require if you want something dependable and robust enough to handle such jobs.

Buying Guide to Select Best Hand Winch for ATV

Here are some aspects to consider if you want to get the most out of your hand winches. Take a brief look at these characteristics first. After that, I’ll go over some of the most crucial things.

  • Handle design
  • Weight and size of the manual hand winch
  • Construction material
  • Finish style
  • Pulling capacity
  • Gear system
  • Gear ratio
  • Drum design & diameter
  • Wire anchoring plate
  • Rope types
  • Safety features

For optimal performance, heavy-duty hand pulleys should be built of high-grade steel. Steel, on the other hand, can corrode and rust. 

Winches covered with zinc or enamel materials, on the other hand, are great for preventing rust and corrosion. As a result, hand winches with zinc or enamel coatings are more durable and dependable.

Important Features of a Hand Winch

System of Automatic Braking

This is a much-desired feature. The emergency braking system ensures that the loading/unloading processes are as controlled as possible. So choose one with an automated braking system.

System of Enclosed Gears

The closed and enclosed gear arrangement is standard on most high-quality hand winches. This will improve longevity.

Gear Ratio

For hauling or lifting heavier objects, you’ll need a hand winch with a greater gear ratio and a smaller gearbox for lower dosages. Find out just what gear ratio is best for your job before purchasing a hand winch.

Anchoring Plate Made of Wire

To avoid wire and rope from slipping out, choose a manual hand winch with a wire grounding plate.


Grab the pulley handle and ensure it feels more comfortable before choosing the top hand winches. 

Also, check if the crank is easy to spin. Some handles will be too big or too tiny for you. So, before you buy a handle, inspect it thoroughly.


Specific rope varieties, such as polyamide straps or twisted cables, are suitable with some hand clutches. 

Some winches can be used with either. If your top hand winch does not come with a rope, double-check the sorts of ropes that are suitable with your winch.


Choose one that is simple to set up and operate. You won’t even pay someone else to operate your hand-cranked gear winch. 

So choose a hand crank winch that everyone can operate and doesn’t need any particular abilities.


You won’t have to worry about performance if you get a hand crank winch from a reputable manufacturer. 

However, if you choose low-cost, low-rated brands, you will not enjoy the same degree. Choose one of these hand crank gear winches.


The cost of a hand winch is determined by several factors. 

Construction material, pulling capability, gearing construction, braking system, additional accessories, and safety measures such as braking are important considerations. 

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The best hand winch for ATV will provide you with the greatest user experience possible for all of your heavy work and towing needs. 

Choose one that is well-built and capable of carrying the loads you need to transport. 

Pick your winch carefully, as it may be something you have used for a long time.

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