Top 3 Best Electric Boat Winch in 2023 (Updated: Oct)

Boat winches intended exclusively for boat trailers are smaller machines typically used on leisure fishing vessels or water sports boats. 

Larger yachts and power cruisers will want a more effective electric winch mechanism with substantially greater pulling power.

Which electric boat winch will best suit your needs will be determined by the size of your boat and any other equipment that may require the use of an electric winch. 

If you need a simple comparison, the features chart below has all the information you need. 

Find the best electric boat winch for you in this article and find out which features are most important for your application.

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Boat Winch Features

Load Capacity

One of the most crucial aspects to consider is loading capacity. Burdening your boat winch should be avoided at all costs. 

Not only can you harm your winch or your boat, but you could also endanger other individuals in the area. 

Overreaction with a boat winch is a far better choice than buying a boat winch that doesn’t do its job or fails completely.


When you use your boat’s winch in or around the lake, you run the risk of becoming wet. When releasing or trailering your boat, you must consider the physical body of water and the temperature, wet gear, and other factors. 

When at all possible, we recommend using a waterproof winch. It protects your investment while also allowing you to utilize it for other purposes that might expose you to water.

Remote Control 

The winch itself, a cable remote, or a wireless remote will all be used to control your winch. 

It’s really convenient to be able to stroll out to the edge of your boat trailer and verify the orientation as your boat goes onto the boarding boards, especially if you’re trailering your boat without the need for an extra set of hands and eyes. 

If your settings are on the winch directly, this won’t be possible, but a wired or wireless transmitter can enable your boat winch to be far more adaptable.

Synthetic Rope vs. Steel Cable 

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but synthetic rope is a more common and, of course, more expensive alternative. That isn’t to suggest steel cable isn’t tough. 

Steel winch wire is extremely strong, and it is a completely practical and economical solution for most boat winches. 

The benefits of synthetic cable, on the other hand, should not be overlooked. A synthetic cable is superior to a steel cable in terms of strength. 

And, in comparison to a steel cable, if you somehow severed your synthetic cable under great strain through some strange trick of physics, it is also highly safe. 

Anyone or anything near the vicinity can be seriously harmed by a broken cable.

3 Best Electric Boat Winch

1. Champion Power Equipment-12090: Best Electric Boat winch

Champion Power Equipment-12090

The Champion electric boat winch set is among the most powerful consumer winches in the marketplace.

This selection will handle most sailboats easily, with a rated thrust of 2,000 pounds.

It also includes an exceptionally strong synthetic rope that can hold more than 2,000 pounds, in addition to its tremendous power output. 

This makes the Champion a compelling choice for anyone with a larger boat, as it has adequate drawing power to both bring your boat out of the sea and compensate for the currents and waves it encounters.

Unlike all the other winches on the marketplace, the Champion is equipped with overload protection.

This will keep the winch from burning out if you give it too much weight to pull, as well as in emergency situations such as fires.

A simple clutch lever provides you command over your winching power, and a handy cover protects your winch from the elements when it’s kept outside. 

Like many of the other winches in this class, the Champion may be mounted on most cars as long as they have the appropriate mounting points. The winch has an IP67 certification, making it waterproof.

The Champion takes the top rank on this list because of its great power, large attachments and possibilities, and low pricing.

It’ll be more than capable of removing boats from the water in several situations. To make things even easier, it comes with adjustable control. 

When buying anything like this, it’s usually a good idea to look into your choices, which is why we’ve provided reviews on a variety of other boat winches.

2. Megaflint Boat Trailer Winch: Best Electric Boat Trailer Winch

Megaflint Trailer Winch,Reversible Electric Winch

The Megaflint electric boat winch is among the most popular electric winches on sites like Amazon. 

Many people use this winch because of its solid build quality, clever design, and low price, and you can read success tales about it all over the internet. 

This winch isn’t nearly as powerful as the X-BULL at 9500 pounds. Of course, 9500lb is still a huge boat, and most mariners should be able to handle it. 

The Megaflint, like some other winches on our page, is driven by your vehicle’s battery bank, so it’s worth having a spare on longer travels.

The Megaflint 97495 has many features that aren’t present on many other winches. 

It includes a wired remote control with a long, robust cord, an XLR connector for frequent usage, and a 3.7m cable for easy operation. 

The 6.6 HP waterproof motor and electrical elements are entirely water-resistant, and the entire machine is rated IP67. 

This winch’s technical side even comes with a lifelong warranty, which is enough to persuade many purchasers that it is the winch for them. A 4-way blade fairlead is also included to keep your wire in place.

When it comes to buying a winch, there are many aspects to consider, and power is only a tiny part of the tale. 

This Megaflint winch is well-made, has a lot of functions, and is covered by a warranty, so it should last a long time. 

Notwithstanding this, the performance falls short of that of the X-BULL. Most customers will be quite satisfied with this selection. However, it’s worth evaluating the various winches available before purchasing.

3. Bravex Electric Boat Winch – Best 12-Volt Electric boat Winch

Bravex Trailer Winch

It’s time to take a look at the Bravex Boat Winch, which falls into a different weight category. This is the tiniest winch we’ve seen so far, with a weight rating of 3500 pounds. 

While this restricts the sorts of boats it can tow, it does provide this little winch an advantage over its competitors in that it can be put on nearly any four-wheeled vehicle. 

This attachment for UTVs and ATVs might be fantastic for someone who enjoys taking their boat out into the wilderness. Some individuals prefer winches with a knob-style grip, such as the Bravex.

The Bravex has unique characteristics that set it apart from the competition and its typical functions. 

This winch will not leave you defenseless if your batteries run out because it comes with a wireless network remote that can be installed directly in your car. 

It also comes with a powerful hook and a 4-way roller fairway, providing you with everything you need in one machine to draw your sailboat out of the water. 

Also, the wire rope that comes with it is top-of-the-line, made of aviation-grade alloys that will easily pull a 3500pound weight boat.

This winch is clearly meant for more fishing boats than many competing options. Bravex has done an excellent job tailoring this winch to this use, with mounting slots for an ATV’s bars on the convenient corded remote. 

The whole device is tiny and lightweight enough to use on vehicles without disrupting their weight distribution. 

The entire equipment is covered by a 5-year guarantee, shorter than the Smittybilt but sufficient for most consumers.

How to Use an Electric Boat Winch

Learn how to operate a boat trailer winch in this video

how to set up an electric winch for a boat trailer?

Learn how to install an electric boat winch in this video. Its easy to mount a boat trailer winch after following this instructions in these video above.

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What Capacity Winch do I Need for My Boat?

Select a capacity winch with at least 3/4th the combined weight of your boat, motor, fuel, and gear. This rule varies depending on these factors: where you launch it, the size of your boat, and the weight of any gears.

Are electric boat winches worth it?

Yes it’s worth every penny


Hope you selected your next best electric boat winch by reading our guide.

It can be difficult to finalize what you need with so many winches rated for varying pulling weights. 

As an initial choice, get a electric boat winch that is certified for at least double the weight you’ll be pulling.

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