Best Boat Trailer Winch In 2024 (Updated)

Purchasing the best boat trailer winch is similar to buying a vehicle. 

There are so many alternatives to select from, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

I’ve created a list of the best boat winches on the market to make things a little easier for you.

A boat winch must be on your main gear list when you think you’ll need one for your small boat, or even if you want to draw your boat out of the lake for the storage period. 

If you are a novice, you will need to know the distinctions to choose the Best boat hand winch.

Let’s take a look at the best boat trailer winch available on the market.

List of Best Boat Trailer Winch

1. Reese Towpower 74329 – Best Boat Trailer Winch

Reese Towpower 74329 Trailer Winch

In terms of market share, the Reese Towpower 74329 is the greatest boat winch. This small winch has a lot of happy customers who have left great reviews. 

While it doesn’t have the pulling capability of many others and lacks some features, it does have one big advantage: it’s incredibly inexpensive to buy. 

Yes, this is the most cost-effective choice for budget-conscious sailors who need to transport weights weighing less than 1500 pounds.

Reese’s Towpower is a robust device made of solid steel and coated with a zinc coating that resists corrosion and protects the elements from harming the winch’s internal parts.

The interior has high-strength steel gears (configured at a 4:1 gear ratio) that optimize pulling force while improving control thanks to a clever self-activating braking system. 

The driving shaft is equipped with permanently greased bearings to keep you going without fear.

It also comes with an ergonomic grip for simple cranking, a 20-foot hauling strap with a hook connection, some mounting parts (but not all), and everything else you’ll need to start pulling as soon as this boat trailer winch reaches your doorstep. 

All Reese products come with a one-year guarantee, and all parts satisfy SAE 1050 standards.


Driveshafts with permanently lubricated bearings

A straight handle with a comfortable grip is easy to hold.

Carbon steel gears that are smooth and long-lasting

A 20-foot trailer winch cord with a hook is included.

Rust protection is provided by a zinc-plated finish.


Small hook opening

2. BULLETSHAKER 3200LBS Hand Winch – Best Hand Boat Winch

BULLETSHAKER Boat Brailer winch

This small and lightweight winch is commonly employed in field operations, labs, schools, construction, the decorating industry, off-road traction, and self-rescue, among other applications. 

This is the best hand winch for a boat trailer and it is simple to set up. A nylon towing line is included with this winch.

It’s simple to grasp when cranking with the comfort grip handle.

High-carbon steel is used for the gears. 

It’s well-made and almost comparable in terms of quality, and the belt is sturdy and durable. The equipment and winch are well constructed and simple to use. 

You don’t have to drill any new holes because the mounting plate provides you with a few alternatives for aligning your bolts. Big trucks, trailers, and other transportable applications are ideal.


The body is made of powder-coated steel and is extremely durable.

The crank is large and simple to grip.

UV-resistant strap with a lot of tenacity

The handle is wide and simple to grip.

For better efficiency, drive the gearbox on both sides.


Flimsy gear teeth

3. AConnet 3000lbs Heavy Duty Hand Winch– Best Boat Winch

AConnet 3000lbs Heavy Duty Hand Winch

Heavy-duty A3 steel structure, hardened steel cogs for optimum strength and lifespan;

Painted black for corrosion resistance; Anti-slip grip makes it simple to grasp when cranking. Caseload:

Polyester strap for wear resistance and tensile, gear ratio 4:1/8:1, the worm gear winch can hold up to 3500lbs(Maximum), has a high lifting ability, and is ideal for a variety of portable applications. 

Two-Way Ratchet: Docking hook with security paw, ratchet works in both ways (forward and reverse), locks by forward and backward, please be careful when changing the direction of the torque wrench.


Internal components are protected by the enclosing frame.

Design that is both user-friendly and low-maintenance.

It has a completely adjustable handle.

Has undergone rigorous testing to demonstrate its performance


There are no conventional mounting designs available.

4. OPENROAD 600lbs Hand Winch -Best Boat Trailer Winch

OPENROAD 600lbs Hand Winch

With a pulling capacity of 600lbs/272kg, this heavy-duty hand crank winch provides excellent load lifting and towing capabilities.

Boats, lawn equipment, and other bulky objects are quickly loaded or dragged with the ATV winch. 

Cable steel 26 feet (8 meters) long includes a large-diameter winch drum to reduce the degree of steel wear and an integrated structure to reduce pressure and ensure durability when used or replaced on site.

Sturdy and durable: Heavy-duty steel construction, hardened steel gears. 3.1: 1 gear ratio means that it will last longer, and its high carbon steel gears will resist rust and corrosion better. The cable rope diameter of this crank winch is 4. mm, and it measures 26.2 feet long.

Ratchet switch: There are 3 positions for this. The higher placement is for pulling, the lower for releasing, and the middle for both the actions but can only be used when unloaded. 

Hold the crank handle tightly when the winch is loaded if you want to change the switch position. 

Two-way Ratchet: This ATV boat winch strap with hook is thoughtfully equipped with a hook with a safety pawl that allows forward and reverses ratcheting.

Heat Treatment Winch, Stronger Than Before, High Hardness Of Tooth Surface, Resistance To Contact Fatigue And Improvement Of Wear Resistance; Improve The Toughness And Strength Of Gear Root And Gear.

5. Capacity Heavy Duty Hand Winch- Best Boat Trailer Winch

Capacity Heavy Duty Hand Winch

All steel construction is used in this winch. Zinc and black plating, which will protect it from weathering and corrosion, provide an excellent level of weather resistance. In addition, the winch is durable enough not to wear out.

The construction is made of heavy steel, and the gears are hardened steel. The mooring hook is equipped with a safety pawl while the gear ratio is 3.1:1, which means it resists wear and corrosion better. 

This winch is constructed with high-quality steel wire rope. Mooring hooks are equipped with safety pawls and can be ratcheted forward and backward. 

The trailer can haul or load boats, personal watercraft, and lawn equipment. Helpful in lifting heavy objects, dragging boats, or dragging volleyball nets.

The machine measures 5.9 x 3.1 x 4.5 inches with a compact, easy-to-transport, small body size. The handle is 18.5cm/7.2 inches, making cranking easier and reducing hand fatigue.

Additionally, the winch is easy to install and mount on your vessel, except for its magnificent performance features. 

Upon being delivered, it is ready for installation. Install the smooth and ergonomic handle, then attach the cable and anchor, and you can start working right away.

6. Reese Towpower 74329 Trailer Winch – Best Boat Trailer Hand Winch

Reese Towpower 74329 Trailer Winch

There are many reliable hand winches out there, but Reese is one of the more dependable ones. Their customers don’t have to worry about them disappointing them. 

Compared to the previous model, this one is almost identical. Additionally, this product isn’t really designed for anchoring.

However, it can perform a tremendous amount of work. 

In addition to its 600-pound load capacity, this hand winch can also pull loads up to 1,200 pounds. The winch is zinc-plated, and it resists corrosion well. 

Moreover, the gears are made of carbon steel, which is exceptionally durable. Consequently, you will be able to rely on it for many years to come.

It is effortless to use the winch, and it has a good performance. It is equipped with a one-way ratchet to have complete control over the anchor’s movements. 

This gear ratio works exceptionally well for anchor dropping and pulling since it has a 3:1:1 ratio. Maintenance on the unit is deficient, which is an attractive quality.

As far as the rope goes, it does not come with it, just like the previous model. As with the previous model, it is also compatible with a synthetic rope of approximately 40 feet.

Anchoring your small boat with the Reese Towpower 74337 is easy and convenient. While it may be a bit more expensive than the previous model, this one can hold its own in terms of durability.

TYT 3500lbs Boat Trailer Hand Winch

Winches like this are durable and robust. Even though this model is technically a trailer winch, it is a capable tool for dropping and grabbing anchors.

Steel constitutes the entire construction of this winch. It is zinc and black-plated of the highest quality, so it will be constructive in weathering and protecting against the elements. There is no need to worry about the winch breaking down.

Up to 3500 pounds of load can be handled by the winch. Even though an anchor does not usually go near that weight in small boats, the boats themselves can be as heavy as that. 

By having a weight capacity of 3500 pounds, the winch can hold the boat in place in all situations. As well as these remarkable performance features, the winch is very easy to install and mount on your boat. 

Once it is unpacked, you can begin mounting it right away. Once mounted, all that remains is to attach the ergonomic handle and cable and anchor, then you can start working. 

The 4:1/8:1 gear ratio on the winch makes it easy to crank and produces speedy results. The cable or rope is not included, which is a disadvantage. They must be purchased separately.

A length of 1/4 inch steel cable can be extended up to 32 feet using a unit. The length of rope you can use with this model is 40 feet if you are using synthetic rope, which I assume you are. 

It should be noted that this winch is not designed for heavy-duty uses. Nevertheless, it performs admirably with regards to dropping and retrieving the anchors.

Favorite-Trade Durable Hand Crank Winch

This winch is intended for larger boats rather than the other models discussed here.

This is a larger version featuring the same ease of use and safety technology as the Anchor Mate.

The portable winch is made of high-quality, heavy-duty carbon steel and features a zinc-plated finish for maximum strength and longevity.

Rust-resistant and weather-resistant. 

LARGE CAPACITY: With a strong body and sturdy steel cable wire, this hand crank winch has a 3500-pound cranking capacity for improved lifting, loading, towing, and trailing.

WIDE APPLICATION: Lift large equipment, move pickups, trucks, ATVs, load boats, or move lawn equipment with this crank winch. Construction sites, ships, vehicle applications, and more benefit from this product. 

PLEASANT HANDLING: The brake winch with cable has an extra-long, anti-slip handle that provides a secure and comfortable grasp. 

RATCHET IN BOTH DIRECTIONS: This manual winch has a strong safety pawl that permits ratcheting in both directions.

The harsh environment of the sea can be tolerated by this unit. This device is electrostatically powder-coated and constructed of heavy gauge steel. 

This machine features self-lubricating nylon rollers, making maintenance a breeze. There is also a capacity of 150 feet of nylon braided rope with a 3/16 inch diameter.

A Buying Guide for Best Boat Trailer Winch

A boat winch is useful for pulling your boat onto a trailer by winding your hauling cable around a drum while maintaining strain on the item being pulled, utilizing either a hand-cranked or motor-driven device.

A winch may be used for various tasks, but a boat trailer winch is built particularly for pulling your boat onto a trailer. 

When your boat is on the trailer, use trailer straps and a security chain to lock it. 

Ultimately, the winch’s sole purpose is to bring your boat to wherever it needs to go!

Winch Types

Manual Boat Winches

Manually boat winches are hand-cranked machines that spool a boundary around a drum using a rotating handle. 

A powerful ratchet lock is typically included with these winches to prevent your line from unwrapping and ruining your hard work.

These devices are often fairly simple and inexpensive, with nothing more technology than a sturdy grip and a gearbox. Boats benefit from manual boat winch systems.

The best mechanical boat trailer winch models will have many gears to make hand cranking a breeze.

Electric Boat Winches

An electric winch is a much more efficient boat winch that pulls a steel cable around a drum with the help of a strong electric motor. 

These winches can easily lift considerably larger weights since they rely on electrical power rather than human muscle. 

However, they need the use of a vehicle battery, but this should not be an issue given that these winches are generally linked to trailers, which are then attached to automobiles.

The best electric boat trailer winch systems can pull and float (with a backward option) and include a manual hand twisting handle in a power outage or an emergency.

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What Winch Size Do I Require For My Boat?

Although there is no specific winch for certain boat size, boat winches are graded by the amount of weight they can draw. In other words, you’ll need a winch that can lift your boat’s weight plus a little more. 

Anything less will be ineffective. No chart informs you what size winch you need based on the length of your boat: it’s all about the load and only load.

If your boat weighs 1000 pounds, you should look for a boat winch that can pull 1,500 pounds. This is because your boat is made up of more than just its gross weight. 

The motor, as well as whatever equipment you’ve stored onboard, will add to the overall weight. 

Because other circumstances, such as the angle of a launching slope or the quantity of gasoline on board, might affect a winch’s pulling power, it’s always a smart option to choose a winch that’s designed for a larger weight capacity for your boat.

Aside from that, the cost difference between a lower and a larger winch capacity isn’t significant. Get a larger capacity than you require to be on the safe side.

Line Types

Another thing to consider is whether you want a winch with a cotton strap or a steel cable. The characteristics of the two kinds are vastly different.

Lines of Strap

The majority of the straps are composed of woven Nylon. They resemble the seat belts used in automobiles. 

Overall, they’re quite robust and durable, and they’re simple to use and won’t harm your hands if you have to handle them manually. 

A strap-type boat winch isn’t as robust as steel cables, but if you’re hauling a tiny boat, it’ll suffice.

Cable Lines

A steel woven cable is far more durable than a nylon belt, and while stronger can always be better, this isn’t always the case. Because cables are bigger, they take up more room on your winch’s wheel.

As a result, the overall pulling length will be shorter than if you used a strap type.

The cable is also heavier, making it more difficult to crank. If you’re mechanically cranking, this will use more battery power and need more muscular strength. 

On the other hand, steel cables are significantly stronger, and they may be doubled with the use of a pulley block to increase their pulling strength.

How to Mount a Boat Trailer Winch

Watch the below video to learn how to mount a boat trailer winch. You can also learn how to operate a boat trailer winch properly by watching the video below.

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What are the Most Reputable boat Trailer Winch Manufacturers?

If you want to make sure you have the best boat trailer winch for your present sailing needs, the first thing you should do is do some research on the most reputable manufacturers of such goods. 

Obviously, respectable manufacturers only create items capable of carrying out the functions for which they were created.

The below brands might be some of your safest and finest alternatives when it comes to a practical, durable, and trustworthy winch for a boat trailer:

Trailer Winch

While the bulk of these businesses’ winch products is somewhat more expensive than their rivals, you can be certain that you will receive what you pay for since they are intended to perform their function in a way that meets your needs and expectations.

What size winch do I need for my boat trailer?

More powerful winches, as well as longer cables, are required for larger and heavier vessels. 

As a general guideline, pick a winch with a loading capacity of at least 34% of the total weight of the gas, vessel, and gears.

Keep in mind that such a regulation may vary depending on various circumstances, including your vessel and the region where you want to launch it.

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As previously stated in this article, adding or removing your watercraft onto a trailer can be a time-consuming process. This is why purchasing the best boat trailer winch is critical. 

Naturally, the work must be completed less unpleasantly and more safely. Most essential, you must ensure that the winch you choose can make unloading as simple as possible.

Furthermore, a high-quality vessel trailer winch would be an excellent test for your boating needs. For you, loading and discharging your vessel will be a less time-consuming and risk-free operation. 

When searching for one, get one that is dependable and extremely long-lasting.

We hope that you liked the article on “Best Boat Trailer Winch.” Stay tuned for similar articles in the future.

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