How to Wire a Winch Switch on ATV/UTV (Updated)

Let’s learn how to Wire a Winch Switch on ATV/UTV in this article.

When it comes to controlling a winch, the most typical method is to use a remote. When you initially purchase a winch, it includes a controller. But what if you don’t want to use the remote control? 

You find it inconvenient to continually plug and disconnect the remote every moment you use a winch. 

What if you can’t get down your ATV and instead use a winch from within your vehicle? A winch switch can help in this situation.

A winch switch is a piece of machinery that, instead of using a remote, uses a switch to operate the winch. It can be mounted in the driver’s seat, allowing you to manage the winch while driving the ATV. 

This also eliminates the hassle of constantly plugging and disconnecting the remote control when operating the winch.

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How to Wire a Winch Switch on ATV/UTV

Atv Winch Switch Wiring Diagram
Atv Winch Switch Wiring Diagram

Before Installation

  1. ATV ignition should be turned off. Find the red, yellow, and green wires linked to the toggle switch. Verify that the switch does not activate the winch and is not receiving electricity.
  2. Disconnect the winch clutch.
  3. Open the bonnet or cowling as needed to gain easy accessibility to the installation site.
  4. Cut out one of the wedge connectors on the provided green and yellow wires. Screw connections will not be required because wire seams will be used.

 Installing The Switch

  1. Tube Clamp-on bars should be placed in a convenient area.
  2. Tighten the cap screw, locknut, flat gasket, and shake-proof dryer to secure the Toggle Switches housing to the Tube Clamp.
  3. Push the Green, Red, and Yellow cables through the switch casing from the back.
  4. On the switch, place the gasket.
  5. Attach the green wire to the switch’s top socket and connect the black wire to the Toggle switch’s center terminal. Attach the red wire to the switch’s base terminal.

Finishing Installation

  1. Make sure the winch clutch is not engaged.
  2. Set the power switch to “OUT” with the engine switch off—the wrench should not function. If the winch works with the ignition turned off, double-check that the yellow, green, and red wires are connected properly.
  3. By hand, braid a few meters of cable. Activate the winch clutch.
  4. Turn on the engine and set the toggle switch to “OUT”—the wrench should spin the wire out.
  5. Check the wiring and confirm the connection between the three windings from the switch and the equivalent wires at the wiring attached to the transmitter if the winch doesn’t really operate with the engine on.
  6. Ensure that wires are not pulled taut over any surfaces that could cause harm. Anchor wires with cable ties. Remove any excess.


Hope you learned how to Wire a Winch Switch on ATV in this article.

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