How to Use a Cable Winch Puller in 2023 (Updated)

A winch is, without a doubt, one of the greatest instruments for lifting, dragging, or hoisting. 

When they’re placed in automobiles, they may be a huge assistance. 

Winches can be utilized for useful labour as well as self-recovery when stuck. 

They may also be found in various models for various applications, such as off-roading and sailing.

If you’re searching for a portable winch that can be used for hauling, fastening loads, or tension, this is the winch for you. 

You might wish to consider a cable winch pull; it’s great for utility and is portable and light. 

They may be readily connected and detached from any vehicle or trailer without the trouble of permanently attaching them. 

Don’t be concerned if you don’t know how to use a winch cable puller. 

This tutorial teaches you how to use a cable winch puller, even with no prior experience.

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How to use a cable winch puller? Steps

Here are the directions for using the winch now that you’ve familiarised yourself with the rules.

Releasing The Cable 

  1. To disconnect the primary Ratchet Drive, pull the Drive Pawl Spring on the lever grip to the correct spot.
  1. The Cargo Hook should be attached to your load. Squeeze the Stop Pawl Trigger, allowing the cable to freely spool. 

Follow the cable all the way to the anchor point. Remove the Stop Pawl Trigger and make sure it’s fully involved in the Ratchet sprocket cam once it’s in place.

  1. Attach the Anchor line to the anchored point from which you will be pulling.

Pulling The Load

  1. Move the Drive Pawl Spring to the downward position to start the drive, and the primary Ratchet Drive Pawl will connect in the Ratchet Drive sprocket.
  1. Swing the lever backward and forth before the load is where you want it to be.
  1. When you relieve the strain on the cable, secure the load so it does not move.

Releasing The Tension After Pulling

  1. To release the cable, disconnect the primary Ratchet Drive by pushing the Drive Pawl Spring up.
  1. To drive the spring-driven Stop Pawl mechanism pinpoint exactly, swing the lever Handle fully over towards the Anchor Hook Side of the winch, and gradually lift the Lever Handle. 

The cable drum can now back off one can at a time with this movement. Repeat as necessary until the cable strain is removed. 

Push the Stop Pawl Trigger to free it from the cam when the cable tension is relaxed, then slightly back on the puller to release the cable still further.

  1. To keep the wire from tangling when replaying onto the drum. Put the Drive Pawl Spring into the down position while keeping the Load Hook connected to the load. 

With one hand just on the anchor hook, gently draw the load while manipulating the Lever Handle back and forth across and rewind the cable precisely onto the drum.


Now that you have learned how to use a cable winch puller, any doubts would you like to be cleared? 

Comment your doubts below, and we will answer you. 

Follow the steps precisely to not get stuck anywhere within the process. 

Always keep in mind to check the safety measures before starting.

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