How to Recable a Winch in 2024 (Quick Guide)

If you’ve ever used a winch, you’re aware that it pulls a tremendous load and that you shouldn’t get too close to it. 

How can the wire of the winch be guided around the drum so that it spools conveniently? 

Any uneven spooling of the winch cable might result in cable damage. 

The inconsistent spooling will compromise the cable’s strength; thus, it won’t survive very long.

Because the friction between the rope and the drum is insufficient, the pull will be ineffective. 

These effects might cause severe bodily damage or even death, in addition to being damaging to the long-term health of your child. 

That’s hardly something you’d desire, would it?

As a result, you must learn how recable a winch

This is because it will save you a lot of time and aggravation. 

Every time you use the winch, you must re-cable it properly. 

As you can see from our instructions, recharging a winch isn’t a difficult task. 

You only need some time and the assistance of a buddy to get started.

How to Recable a Winch [ Step by Step Guide ]

Make sure you’re wearing thick gloves before you begin. You will decrease the number of preventable incidents if you wear gloves. If your winch contains burrs or kinks, the mittens will protect your skin.

The burrs on such a winch might injure your hands if you operate it without gloves. Follow these steps to learn how to recable a winch:

Step 1:

If you don’t want the winch to engage while you’re recabling it, turn it off. When you stop using your winch, not only when you wish to recable it, this should be the usual operating procedure.

Step 2:

Because free spooling frees up the reel, you’ll be able to easily take out the winch’s rope or hooks.

Step 3:

Remove the winch wire, being sure to draw it straight. Make sure the rope is pulled away from the winch, so it doesn’t build up in front of it. 

This will help keep the cable from becoming twisted when being removed.

Remove the cable till it reaches the point where it is uneven, or pull it all the way to the end.

Step 4

Return the winch to its original position. Re-insert the remote into the winch and carefully draw the cord in. You will appropriately spool the cable in this manner.

Step 5

Spool the winch rope with the aid of a buddy by directing the cable onto the drum. That’s because it’ll be challenging to drive the cable while also controlling the winch with the remote.

The rope is then guided onto the drum while the winch gently drags itself away. Make sure the cable is tightly and evenly coiled around the drum.

This will guarantee that the gap between the drum and the fairlead is as large as possible. When there is a draw, the tight wrapping will raise the friction between the cable and the drum.

Higher friction implies more efficiency from the winch, as we’ve already explained.

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Important Points to Note

  • Before the drum crosses on itself, make sure it has a continuous cable layer from one side to another. Thread the cable around the drum equally from one side to another using the drum’s turns.
  • Wrap the cable properly around the drum solely on a single side, then overlap it on the other. Overlap the cable many times around the drum until it is completely covered.
  • To avoid ruining the remote control or causing preventable mishaps, keep it in a cold, dry location away from youngsters.
  • It would be beneficial to the excellent maintenance of your winch if you are spinning reel winch cable around the drum after each use.

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Tow trucks, cranes, and steam shovels all include winches, which are mechanical devices that manage the tension of a rope. 

Tow trucks are probably familiar to most automobile owners. 

Those are the tucks you fear when you park your car in an inconvenient location or do not pay to park.

As a result, winches play an essential role in car recovery, aircraft recovery, and even the hauling of huge items. 

Winches come in various shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose.

We hope our advice on how to recable a winch aids in your attempts to extend your winch’s life. 

It’s not difficult, and if you follow our instructions, you’ll be able to do it in no time.

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