How to Make a Chainsaw Winch (6 Steps) in 2023

Lifting a big thing is never easy, and it may be exhausting, if not impossible. 

As a result, you’ll require a good winch, which will come in handy while dragging the thing.

While a winch motor is essential for saving vehicles and trucks, You may use a makeshift winch to save smaller items like animals. As a result, we’re presenting the chainsaw winch, which is not only inexpensive but also easier to transport.

Here, we will learn how to make a chainsaw winch by following some easy steps.

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How to Make a Chainsaw Winch?

Items required:

  • A chainsaw winch
  • A chainsaw engine
  • A duct tape

Step 1

chainsaw engine0

The chainsaw winch gets its name from using a chainsaw, at least for the motor component. The chainsaw connects to an engine that you may readily remove. 

Furthermore, because you cannot use the two hardware items simultaneously, this is the only method to use the engine for your winch.

The primary reason it’s removable is to enable saw replacement. Replace the saw with the winch to make use of this element. As a result, it will remove the chain and bar that link the saw.

Step 2

Before using the winch, please inspect the chainsaw engine to confirm that it is operational. If required, change the oil, then go through all of the other components section by section.

Examine the clutch, throttle, and other essential components for corrosion or damage. The goal is to make sure you only use the winch with a running engine to maintain a smooth functioning.

Step 3

It’s worth noting that a chainsaw winch may be from scrap metal and strong wires. Nevertheless, if you don’t have all of the essential components, purchasing one from a store is a fantastic option. 

As a result, the winch will ship with a cord with hooks. It also includes a chainsaw adaptor, ensuring that the winch is suitable with the chainsaw engine.

Step 4

Remember how you had to get away from the saw’s components as well when you removed it? 

The connection point has a big saw washer in it, which you should also remove. A small dryer that brings with the winch will take its place.

On the saw, you’ll see a 7-tooth cog that you should buy for your winch installation. 

Now, set it in the winch’s matching hole, which has two additional grooves in the front of the hole, into which you should put the bar studs you obtained from the saw.

Then there are other slots on the shorter part of the winch where extra rack studs, which you can also acquire from the cutter, will fit nicely. Next, twist all of the nuts on the bare studs.

Step 5

Unscrew and extend the cable to check that it is straight and free of folds and tangles. Then, slip it via a hole on the drum that you’ll notice and push it through the wrong end.

You may get the cable to roll around the drum by rotating it until there is no cable. Because you wouldn’t want the cable to spool later, use duct tape to hold it tight from around the drum.

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Step 6

You may now start the car and try your hand at using the chainsaw. Unscrew the cable and tie it to a log on the property. When you know it’s functioning; you won’t be hesitant to use it when the time comes.

Now that you know the details on making a chainsaw winch, let’s learn how to use it.

How to Use a Chainsaw winch?

How to use a chainsaw winch?

After you’ve finished building the winch, you may use it by connecting it to the chainsaw engine. Put your handmade portable winch in front of the chainsaw. 

Connect the winch in the same way you might a saw blade. To prevent the winch from separating while in operation, make sure all of the bolts are tight.

You can use your chainsaw winch as a portable forestry winch. You can bring it far into the woods, lift it uphill on a tree, and drag your logs along with it. Hunters will benefit from the handmade portable winch. 

They may hook their target and pull it to their truck, where they can unload the prize.

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So, have you learned how to make a chainsaw winch?

We hope you did. How to construct a chainsaw winch is challenging to come by. 

However, the process is easy when done with attention to the details. 

You may save a lot of money by making your portable chainsaw winch. 

You’ll need to use materials that are readily available in your area. 

A winch built in a factory will set you back more than $100. 

Nevertheless, if you make your handmade winch, you may save up to 60% on the cost. 

To minimize disappointments, make sure the chainsaw you want to use is in good working order.

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