How to Double Winch Pulling Power [5 Methods] in 2023

You may have to coax a bit extra power out your winch from time to time. 

These are the occasions when even your emergency gear, the winch, won’t be able to get you out without a bit of extra thought and effort.

To successfully enhance the power of your winch, you don’t need to perform a miracle or offer goats to a god. 

All you need is science, a little investment in a gadget called snatch block, and the patience to read this comprehensive article! 

Now let’s see the methods on how to double winch pulling power.

How to Double Winch Pulling Power?

The Straight Pull

winch Straight Pull

The winch was in optimum winching circumstances when the maker of your winch evaluated it for its maximum line pull. One of these requirements is that the line is straight during the draw. 

If you’ve ever gotten trapped in an off-road rip, you know that finding an anchor point immediately in front of your winch isn’t always doable.

One of the benefits of using a snatch block is that it helps you maneuver around difficult winching situations. 

You can utilize a snatch block to construct a “straight” pull even if the only good anchor point for your car is at an awkward angle.

You may utilize a snatch block in addition to arranging a straight pull to achieve a better draw from your winch by using an extra winch line.

Single Line Wrap

Single Line Wrap
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When winches are evaluated for their rated line draws, one of the additional criteria is having only one wrap of wire around the winch drum. 

In reality, each extra cable wrapped around the winch drum reduces the winch’s efficiency by about 10%. 

So, if you have a 10,000-pound winch and use it with five-wire wraps around the barrel, you are only utilizing 60% of its power. With such an arrangement, you can only pull 6000 pounds.

You may design your winch in such a manner that an additional line is spooled out by using a snatch block or possibly more than one snatch block. 

The usage of a snatch blocker is another technique to increase the power of your winch.

Double Your Winch Pulling Power

So far, we’ve just spoken about how to utilize a snatch block to increase the strength of your winch. On the other hand, a snatch block is capable of much more than increasing the power of your winch. It can double it.

It’s important to note that wiring a winch to draw more than its rated line pull is a difficult task. It may even be hazardous. 

It is not advised to set up your winch in intricate maneuvers if you have little or no winch pulling expertise. 

You must have sufficient winching expertise to have established winching “common sense,” for lack of a better phrase.

Do not try to pull with the setup if it does not appear to be safe from your experience. Also, ensure your winch attachments are capable of pulling the weight you’re trying to lift. 

The average tensile strength of your winch line, hook, and other branches do not suddenly double when the pulling power of your winch is doubled. 

If the load’s mass is well within the capability of your winch attachments, the project may be a success.

The Math and Science

Math and Science

When we first heard about the concept of doubling the pulling force of a winch by folding back the winch line on itself, we couldn’t believe it. 

However, witnessing and performing the item itself is very compelling evidence that you can do it.

In essence, the weight of an item is spread throughout the whole winch line as it is doubled back on itself. 

It essentially fools the winch into thinking it’s only lifting half the weight of the cargo when it’s hauling the whole amount.

When you use the snatch block to attach the line back to the vehicle, the weight is distributed between the “two” lines; one line doubles back on itself. 

You may also utilize three snatch blocks to increase the power of your winch effectively. 

As your demand grows, you can use more and more grab blocks. Please remember, however, the safety implications of complex rigging.

Check the synthetic rope replacements instructions if you need to build a complex rigging and require a long rope. Because these ropes are sturdy and lengthy, you may use them for a variety of winching tasks.

Double the Smartness

As previously said, while attempting to increase the pulling power of your winch, use caution. You’re just setting yourself up for a terrible accident if you try to draw a weight that’s well above your equipment’s capabilities. 

Make sure you have a good winching sense and expertise to recognize when your winch is being overworked.

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We hope that you have learned how to double winch pulling power

Use a grab block to almost double the line if you should double the strength of your winch or if the station is too near to allow out enough cable for a powerful pull. 

A snatch block doubles your load capacity and allows you to spool out more cable to achieve your winch’s maximum grade. 

You may set up a triple line pull for even greater force. 

Double and triple lines, on the other hand, should be approached with caution. 

The amount of stress imposed on each rigging point rises as the power of the pull increases. 

Make sure your anchor point is rock strong and capable of withstanding the draw.

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