How to Attach Cable to Winch Drum in 3 Steps (5 Method)

The cable on a winch is most certainly the item that requires frequent maintenance, as all seasoned drivers who use winches know. 

Whether you’re using a synthetic rope or a heavy steel wire, this is accurate.

The cable on your winch will break down over time and will ultimately become unsuitable for usage. 

It’s best not to wait until your cable breaks severely before replacing it. A faulty cable raises the chances of an accident occurring during operation.

You will learn How to Attach Cable to Winch Drum here with some easy steps.

How to Attach Cable to Winch Drum

If you want to learn how to place a cable on a winch, you must do a few procedures. But, before we get into the stages, we want to make sure you have a good understanding of the tools you’ll need.

Here’s something to keep in mind. Before you attach any winch wire, be sure it can resist double the load capacity of the winch.


You’ll need the following tools to replace the winch cable:

  1. Wire rope/cable
  2. A safety pair of glove
  3. Eye goggles

You’ll need these additional items if you want to wrap a synthetic rope around the winch drum:

  1. Socket Wrench
  2. Pliers
  3. Hex screws

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Wearing the Safety Tools

Wearing the Safety Tools

Safety should be the priority, regardless of the employment you undertake. Wearing thick gloves and eye goggles while installing or connecting a winch wire is required.

The cable winch is of metal or strong material. As a result, tugging with your bare hands might cause harm to your palms. 

Hand gloves are required to protect your wrists and provide a smooth grip. Also, put on the goggles to protect your eyes.

Step 2: Unwinding the Old Cable

Unwinding the Old Cable

You must first remove the old winch cable before installing the new one. Disconnect the winch hook and the engine that drives the rope winch drum to do this.

You’re now ready to untangle the old cable. Grasp the winch cable’s terminals and pull them away from the chain-link drum to unspool it.

Remove the old wire and the winch drum now. Take your Allen wrench and remove the steel wires to do so. 

You must apply pressure in a reverse way if a metal knob secures the cable. It will make it easier to remove the locked metal pin.

This approach may not work well if you already wrapped a synthetic rope over your winch drum. 

We typically utilized steel cables to connect the winch drums in synthetic ropes. However, if you don’t see it, look around the winch drum for it.

You can take a picture of the joint before reconnecting it because it’s a complicated operation. As a result, it will be helpful while installing the new wire.

Step 3: Attaching Winch Rope

Attaching Winch Rope

This procedure entails the installation of a new cable. This part is where you’ll get the definitive solution to your query about how to attach a cable to the winch drum.

We’ll install the new winch cable in the same way we did the previous one. To your knowledge, there are various methods for changing and installing a winch cable.

Method 1:

If you locked the previous cable with Alen screws, put a short cable section into the winch slot and fasten it with a screw. The same principle applies to wires attached with ordinary screws.

Method 2:

If you held your previous cable with a metal knob, however, put a short section of your cable thru the hole and pull it out the other side.

With the larger end, make a U form and re-insert it into the final hole. After that, tighten the cable in its appropriate spot.

Method 3:

This approach is only applicable to synthetic cables. If you wish to attach synthetic winch rope to a drum, use steel wires as a guide. Do it the same way as when you tightly bound the steel cable with a tie.

Also, if you have a picture of the old cable knots, look at it before knotting the new cable.

Step 4: Reconnect the Motor

After you’ve completed the preceding steps, disconnect the motor and switch it on to ramp up the turbo spools wire-rope stage on the winch drum. The winch wire must now wind around the winch drum.

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Step 5: Fixing Other Components

We had to remove several components when removing the old wire and replace the winch rope. Now we must reassemble all of the components.

But, before you begin reattaching, make sure you put on the safety protective equipment once more. Do not attempt to haste. Instead, make an effort to complete the work gently and smoothly. 

Also, never be afraid to ask for assistance. Remember that two people may do a task more quickly.


We hope that by now, you have learned how to attach cable to winch drum

If you’ve done it before, installing a cable to a winch drum is simple. 

We attempted to provide comprehensive instruction on how to connect a wire to the winch drum. 

So, if you’ve read the entire essay, we believe you’ll be able to do this work on your own!

That’s all there is to it. This article, we hope, has served the purpose you were searching for accurately. 

Our primary goal was to offer you a comprehensive guide to assist you.

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