How To Adjust The Boat Trailer Winch Post like a Pro in 2024

Nothing beats a winch stand or winch post for making a boat trailer winch more adaptable. 

While using your trailer winch, it makes it possible to find out different angles. 

However, setting up a boat trailer winch post may appear complicated if you’ve never done it before.

In this article, we’ll go over why adjusting a boat trailer winch post is necessary, and then we’ll go over how to adjust the boat trailer winch post. 

We’ll also cover some related topics to give you a complete picture of adjusting a boat trailer winch stand.

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The Importance

The primary and most crucial reason to modify the boat trailer winch post is to provide better support for your boat.

Isn’t it true that you utilize a trailer to transfer your boat to the land? If your ship does not receive adequate support from the winch post, it may likely rock or swing around the trailer while being transported. 

This has a detrimental impact on the boat’s appearance as well as the paintwork.

The negative consequence of not having support from the winch post is not limited to destroying the paint or the outside appearance. The boat’s hull, on the other hand, maybe damaged.

How to Adjust the Boat Trailer Winch Post

The main goal is to show you how to adjust the winch post on your boat trailer. Don’t be scared! It’s not difficult to change a winch post on a boat trailer. 

You’re probably wondering how much experience you’ll need to adjust a winch post. 

Have you ever dealt with a snag in your life? If the answer is yes, that is enough. You are qualified and capable of making the change you want to make.

You may be aware that we install a winch post on the boat’s trailer. Also, with the aid of bolts and nuts, the winch post is managed to remain steadfast. 

The U-bolts are one type of bolt that can be used to mount the winch post. This not only harms the boat’s paint job and appearance, but it also has the potential to harm its hull. 

The bow rollers should keep the boat securely in position. The winch line should be tight rather than slack. It would help to keep the space between the boat and the winch as small as feasible.

This may be accomplished by correctly setting the winch post both vertically and horizontally along with the trailer.

Step by Step Guide

Regardless of the variety of bolts used in the winch setup, you can adjust and tighten the grip with a standard extendable wrench. 

So, whether you’re making a horizontal or vertical adjustment, all you need is a good-quality functioning wrench.

Step 1

To begin, loosen the nuts at the base a little. It will allow you to slide the post according to the length of the trailer. If you want to dismantle the current post, you’ll need to remove the nuts one at a time.

Keep in mind that nuts are generally securely fastened to keep the structure strong. Your hands might not be adequate to release the nuts. 

In that case, you might need to use WD-40 or similar solutions. It will make loosening the bolts much more effortless.

If WD-40 or comparable solutions don’t work, you’ll have to resort to utilizing a power tool as a last option.

Step 2

If you’re going to use a power tool to loosen a nut, be sure you just use it for that phase of the job. It’s not a good idea to use a power tool to entirely remove nuts. 

If you use a power tool to remove the bolt or nut, you risk breaking the bolt or nut.

Furthermore, you may find it difficult to reassemble the two pieces. The abrasions on any area will be more challenging to remove.

So, just use a power tool to loosen the nut; the remainder of the job may be done by hand or with a regular wrench.

Step 3

After you’ve loosened or deleted the nuts, the following stages won’t take long because the post may be readily adjusted.

When adjusting the winch post, the main goal should be to provide enough support for the boat. Ascertain that the boat can safely stand atop the trailer.

The boat should be close to the winch post and trailer to create a strong connection. As a general guideline, position the post so that it is not too far forward or backward, nor too low or high.

Step 4

You must fasten the post with nitty-gritty once you have attained the appropriate location. 

It’s preferable to thread the nuts on the bolts using your hands if at all feasible. It could be able to assist them from being harmed.

After you’ve finished threading the post, you may use any tool to fasten it quickly and simply.

Video explaining How To Adjust The Boat Trailer Winch Post.

how to winch a boat on a trailer


On a trailer, how should a boat be positioned?

Place the boat on the trailer with a 2” space between the keel and the tongue plate cover. 

The bow eye should approach the winch post once the bunks/rollers are flush with the stern. If this is the case, keep the rear pivot in the A position.

On a boat trailer, how do you calibrate a winch?

Measure from the front of the tongue channel (TC) to the winch-post location at the top to record the winch-post base placement (TT). 

Indicate if the winch-post base depth is small (7”), medium (9”), or long (14”).


The winch post configuration on a boat trailer is critical for getting the most flexibility out of the trailer. 

We hope you’ve learned something new from this post on how to adjust the boat trailer winch post. 

You’ll discover that you’ve successfully set the sailboat trailer winch post if you follow the four procedures listed above one by one.

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