4 Best Smittybilt Winch in 2024 {Guide + Review}

In the off-roading sector, Smittybilt is a well-known brand. 

Smittybilt products are recognized for their reliability and affordability, but picking a winch may be difficult because there are so many alternatives to consider. 

As a result, I look at the various Smittybilt options and compare them to certain other similar items on the market. 

However, the in-depth review below will assist you in choosing the best Smittybilt Winch product.

In this article, you will see the best Smittybilt Winch available on the market. So, let’s get started.

Top 5 Best Smittybilt Winch in 2024

1. Smittybilt Gen 2 XRC Winch Review: Best Smittybilt Winch

Smittybilt Gen 2 XRC Winch

The maximum pulling capability of the Smittybilt Gen 2 XRC Winch is 9500 pounds. Because of its superior performance, it is one of Smittybilt’s best-selling winches. 

The revolutionary XRC GEN3 design is included with the winch. The winch pulls items out with a 93.5-inch wire rope. A 6.6 hp wound series motor powers the winch.

A three-stage gear reduction arrangement is used. Fairlead – 4-way roller is also included. This kind of winch is entirely waterproof. It is impervious to the extent of IP 67.

So you won’t have any issues using the winch during the wet season or in muddy conditions. All of the tools you’ll need to install the winch are included in the box. 

As a result, you won’t need to buy anything else. It has a 161.28:1 rear mech. The clutch on the winch is a sliding ring gear. It comes with remote control with a 12-foot (3.7-meter) range. 

There is no way to remove the remote control, and there is no way to use an external wireless controller. The winch is treated thanks to the automated brake system safely. 

The motor, like other winches, includes a power-in and power-out system for free spooling. 

Because the product does not have a mounting plate or a winch shroud, you will need to purchase the appropriate one for your vehicle.


6.6 horsepower motor.

The cable is of excellent quality.

Waterproof to IP 67.

It’s simple to set up.

The mechanism for bringing power in and taking it out.


There is no wireless remote control.

2. Smittybilt X2O COMP review: Best Smittybilt Winch

Smittybilt X2O COMP

With a max pulling capability of 10000 lbs, the Smittybilt X2O COMP is another strong winch from the Smittybilt brand. The version comes with a forged hook and a hawse fairlead. 

With the package, the manufacturer supplies all of the essential wires for a proper winch connection. A synthetic rope of 98.5 feet is included with the unit. 

This rope is of excellent quality and is rather lengthy. As a result, you can effortlessly retrieve items from a considerable distance. The waterproof rating of this winch is IP 68. 

This makes it simple to utilize the winch in mud and rainy situations. A strong 6.6 horsepower geared series motor powers the winch.

A remote switch may control the winch from up to 12 feet away. As a result, operating the winch is considerably easier than manually controlling the winch. 

It includes a three-stage gear reduction arrangement that makes the winch operation simple. Stainless steel hardware is used to construct the winch. 

Use a wireless remote to make your life easier and more pleasant while you recuperate. However, it is all up to you. The wired one works flawlessly. 

As a result, you shouldn’t be concerned about the winch’s excellent construction. 

The winch’s dynamic braking mechanism makes it exceptionally safe for customers to use the winch. There are two possibilities for installing the solenoid on the winch. 

This winch features a lifelong mechanical guarantee and a five-year power warranty, which is a beautiful feature. As a result, you may relax during the warranty time.



Powerful performance

IP 68 waterproofing.

Long cable size.

Great built quality.


No significant drawbacks.

3. Smittybilt 98612 XRC 12K GEN3 Review: Best Smittybilt Winch

Smittybilt 98612 XRC 12K GEN

Faster. Stronger. The most straightforward to use. Smittybilt’s all-new XRC Gen3 Winch was built from the bottom up with innovative, user-friendly functionality and better power efficiency in mind. 

The 7.0 hp motor has a 12 percent improvement in average race pace over its Gen2 predecessor, giving it more power and speed while drawing less AMP at load. 

You’ll always know how often your equipment can take, thanks to the elegant remote controller’s Load Indicator Alert System. With the controller’s built-in illumination, winching in the darkness is also a snap.

A 12-volt input post is available on the control box if extra lighting is required. The controller has built-in magnets for simple installation on any metal surface and keeps it out of the way while not in use. 

A high-vis clutch lever with extensive writing allows you to quickly determine whether your winch is locked or accessible spooled. 

Body protection is detachable or may be utilized to personalize your winch to your car. 

The XRC Gen3 winch has load capacities of 9.5k and 12k, and the COMP Edition upgrade adds a synthetic rope and an aluminum hawse fairlead. 

With a lifetime mechanical guarantee, a 5-year electrical guarantee, and Smittybilt’s outstanding customer service, you can buy with confidence.

When it pertains to power recovery winches, there are a few that stand out. Head across to 4WheelParts.com to explore what this online business offers for the most challenging duty and most complex projects. 

The Smittybilt 98612 winch, in particular, is a standout among the options. When you need to come to the aid by pulling drivers out of difficulty, this device will come in helpful.

You’ll need to have something heavy-duty, sturdy, and trustworthy to bring another car out of muddy water or a steep ditch. 

The Smittybilt XRC gen3 12K comp range winch with artificial cable will provide all of this and more. 

This winch can carry loads of up to 12,000 lbs and can accomplish almost everything you ask of it. It has a 7-horsepower engine and a three-stage rack and pinion system to haul stranded cars swiftly and effectively. 

There’s also an inbuilt lighting system, so you won’t have to avoid tasks late at night when the sun has gone down. 

This winch also includes forged gears and a silicone steel plate blade, which you’ll like. 

Even better, the device is waterproof, so it may be used even when raining hard. It contains removable body armor and a synthetic cable.


A solidly constructed winch.

It’s small and light, ideal for UTVs and ATVs.

The kit includes all essential installation components, such as the solenoid and a standard mounting plate.

The package consists of a wired remote control as well as a handlebar rocker switch.

Mounting and operating this winch is a breeze.

It comes at a reasonable price.


The package does not include a wireless remote.

It would have been easier to install if the battery wire had been a little longer.

Smittybilt 97204

The Smittybilt 97204 XRC-4 is designed for towing vehicles such as UTVs, ATVs, and marine trailers. 

Because it has a load capacity of 4000 pounds, you should keep the vehicle’s gross weight to a maximum of 2666 pounds to achieve optimum performance. It has a 4.1 horsepower motor and a 198:1 gear ratio.

This is a steel cable variant (32’) that passes through a roll fairlead. This type is also available in a synthetic rope variant. 

It’s a little lighter than this but also a little more expensive, as is typical of any synthetic cable version from any company. However, the artificial cable system comes with a hawse fairlead.


It has a weight capacity of 4000 pounds, which is sufficient to tow most ATVs and UTVs.

It’s a piece of cake to install this winch.

It has a strong pull.

This winch is small in size and low in weight.

The kit includes all necessary hardware, such as a standard mounting plate.

A high-performance solenoid is included in the kit.

A 3-stage helical gear and a free turbo spools clutch are included in this device.

It’s reasonably priced for what it provides.


The battery cords could’ve been a little bit longer.

Buying Guide to select Best Smittybilt Winch  

Now that you’ve read the top 4 best Smittybilt winch reviews, you’re probably wondering which winch is best for you. 

If you don’t know much about winches, learning more about them can help you make the best buying option possible. 

In this part, I’ll go over some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a winch. Well, let’s look at those things in more detail before you go buying a winch.

Pulling Capacity

One of the most essential requirements when buying a winch is its pulling ability. The pulling capacity of the Smittybilt winch I reviewed in this post is different. 

Choose one that meets your needs. I’d recommend getting one with a little more pulling strength than you now require.

Motor Capability

The winch’s motor has a significant impact on the winch’s performance. More horsepower equates to improved performance. If you don’t need a lot of power, don’t get a winch with many horsepowers. 

You would be likely to save a significant amount of money in this manner. All of the Smittybilt winches listed above have excellent motor quality and capabilities.


Ropes of various sorts are used in the winches to pull objects. For example, stainless steel rope, synthetic rope, and so on. 

Before purchasing the winch that would best fit your needs, you should conduct an extensive study. Stainless steel rope is often more robust than synthetic rope.


Another essential consideration when purchasing a winch is the gear. A three-stage planetary gear arrangement is used in all of the winches I mentioned in this post. 

So, while picking one of the winches discussed above, you won’t have to worry about the gearing.

Warranty Facility

A warranty is not included with every winch. However, it is an advantage that allows the customer to be worry-free after acquiring a product. 

As a result, you must pick one with a long warranty duration. All of the winches listed above come with a lifetime mechanical guarantee and a five-year power warranty.


You probably wouldn’t be able to use the winch comfortably if the brake system isn’t up to par. Furthermore, there is a possibility of unexpected accidents occurring. 

A good braking system aids in the smooth operation of the winch. As a result, you can prevent any unforeseen events. 

The Smittybilt winch stated above includes a dynamic braking mechanism that is highly handy and user-friendly.

Remote Control

You might have to handle your winch from a distance in several instances. You won’t be able to accomplish that if your winch can only be controlled manually. 

On the other hand, a controller will allow you to control the winch from a set distance. Purchase one with a long-range remote control.

Waterproof Rating

You don’t want your winch to be destroyed if it comes into contact with water. In muddy and rainy conditions, and IP-certified waterproof certification ensures that your winch will not be harmed. 

Your winch may inevitably come into contact with water if you’re an off-roader. As a result, you must determine whether or not the winch is water-resistant.

All of the winches mentioned above are water-resistant. So you don’t have to worry about choosing one from the list above.


Nobody likes carrying heavy tools with them, and I’m sure you don’t either. As an off-roader, you’re probably used to traveling long distances. 

And if the winch is hefty, it is difficult to transport. Another disadvantage of large winches is that they are difficult to use and install. As a result, pick a winch that is light and portable.

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Smittybilt winches have gained a lot of praise and reputation over the years for their excellent build quality and after-sales customer care. 

They have grown to become one of the most well-known winch brands in the United States. 

Here, we have four of the best Smittybilt winches. Each of the winches above has its own set of advantages. 

I hope that this evaluation will assist you in selecting the best Smittybilt winch for your needs. 

Aside from that, the buying guide I gave will be quite useful when making a purchase selection. 

We hope that you liked the article on “Best Smittybilt Winch.” Be ready for some more articles on winches.

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