4 Best Winch Storage Bags in 2023 {Updated on October)

Looking for Best Winch Storage Bag to store all your off-roading gears then you are in the right place.

Our responsibility is to have a safe and trustworthy strategy and the necessary equipment to get ourselves and our dear ones out of dangerous circumstances.

Giving up on the durability of a winch storage bag is a possibly dangerous thought that might land you in a much worse position and, at the least, damage and loss of one of our most important assets, our car.

The possibilities are practically limitless, and there’s just too much large machinery involved to save a few cents on a kit with components that may fail and flail, wind up being more expensive in the end, or develop into a medieval head-severing horror.

We listed 5 top winch storage bags in this article. Let’s continue to the list.

Best Winch Storage Bag List

Here you will find the review on the best winch storage bag:

1. WARN 102652 Epic Trail Gear: Best Winch Storage Bag

WARN 102652 Epic Trail Gear best winch storage bag

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

Large cylindrical storage bag; heavy-duty webbing straps secure it to the roll bar.

Adds extra storage to your car conveniently and safely.

This robust bag is marine-grade vinyl, superior zippers, straps, and materials.

Weather-resistant, UV-stable bags aid in protecting the winch from the climate.

Ideal for trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, and side-by-sides.

WARN Epic Trail-Gear offers superior on-vehicle storage bags, durable roll-bar attached grab handles, and helpful fire extinguisher holders to easily and securely add extra storage and availability to pickups, Jeepneys, SUVs, and Side x Sides. 

WARN Epic Trail Goods Bags are a safe and handy way to store your gear. These packs are UV-stable, weather-resistant, and durable with marine-grade vinyl, quality zippers, buckles, and fabrics. There is a range of designs for a variety of locales. 

Heavy-duty nylon straps secure it to the vehicle’s roll bar. This kit falls under the category of winch recovery. It includes a significantly larger grab block with branch straps and a 10′ piece of 5/16′′ chain.

Remember that winches are useful, but you shouldn’t use them on a trail since they are better suited to moving garbage about the house or property rather than off-road recovery activities. 

The winch used in this storage pack has a capacity of up to 12,000 lbs. and can accept a 7/16′′ steel winch line.

It also has an extra-long rope for towing a vehicle or automobile on a flatbed or trailer. Still, hooks and a rebound damper are not provided to make it trail-ready.

If you analyze your demands before buying this product, it could be what you’re looking for. This high-quality recuperation equipment is highly recommended by us.


Big Enough to fit most of the tools

Strong Zippers

Quality Material



Straps are short

2. WARN 102649 Triangle Roll Storage Bag

WARN 102649 Triangle Roll Storage Bag

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

Triangle storage bag; connects to roll-bars triangle part.

Adds extra storage to your car conveniently and safely.

This robust bag is marine-grade vinyl, superior zippers, straps, and materials.

Weather-resistant, UV-stable bags aid in protecting the winch from seasonal changes.

Ideal for trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, and side-by-sides.

Using Warn roll bar storage bags, you can store your goods safely and neatly. These backpacks are UV-stable, weather-resistant, and durable with marine-grade vinyl, quality zippers, straps, and materials. 

There is a range of designs for a variety of locales. Triangular styles attach to the corresponding part of your roll bars, while cylindrical styles are for fastening to the roll bars themselves. 

Warn roll bar container bags, which are part of their Epic Trail-Gear, allow you to quickly add extra storage to pickups, Jeepneys, SUVs, and side-by-sides. 

Compared to other winches storage bags, this off-road recovery equipment is the most dependable and powerful. It features far broader straps than medium-duty kits and a maximum weight rating of 18,000 pounds.

You may utilize this gear on a huge vehicle with the correct winch. This backpack is quite hefty due to the contents. The chains and snatch block are the lightest winch attachments available at 18,000 pounds.

The metal parts in this winches storage bag are powder coated to prevent abrasion and keep a nice and clean appearance for an extended period, even in the harshest situations. 

This is the greatest kit for any recovery operation since it is quite robust; it will provide you with assured results—an amazing assortment of instruments to cope with any problem. This is most likely the tiniest recovery bag.

It is better suited for vehicle-to-vehicle twisting and not for winching. High-quality recovery straps and shackles are included in the off-roading accessories. However, there is no recovery damper, despite the backpack having a compartment.

This winch storage bag is small and light. It will come in if you are trapped on an off-road journey, during a snow emergency, or in other recovery situations.

Because they may extend up to 20% of their length, recuperation straps can only be used for snatch recuperation. This must-have hefty bag has all the essentials and some extra room for your personal accouterments. It is designed for everyday use; never leave the house without it.


Perfect fit for all your tools

Straps are Long enough

Quality Material



Nothing Found

3. Rhino USA Recovery Gear Storage Bag

Rhino USA Recovery Gear Storage Bag

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

100% American-owned brand

Hold Up to 120lbs

Awesome Build Quality

Inbuild organized gear holders

If you are trapped on a hill or get mired in mud, this is a great piece of equipment. It includes an 11,000kg snatch strap, two 19 mm arrow shackles, and heavy-duty recuperation gloves, neatly housed in a robust bag.

A vehicle pull creates the “snatching effect” in recovery efforts. This attachment kit will not work unless you have a buddy to come along and pull yourself out with the rope if you are solo. 

The lightest, most elastic, and very durable for their diameter kinetic recovering ropes are something new in the 4×4 world. 

Aside from that, the recovery components include a shackle that may be attached to a recovery snatch rope for connection to the point of attachment. Thanks to the dynamic recovery rope, making attachments has never been easier. 

Straps cannot be coupled with a shackle because they might result in a tragic outcome if it snaps and becomes a missile that hits someone on its way back.

Overall, this kit comprises well-crafted items made of high-quality materials to deliver better performance for a longer period. 

When you embark on your next excursion through sand, dirt, rock, and so on, you can rely on the safety of this gear.

Each strap is labeled with a number plate for quality assurance, an Australian standard rating, and operator cautions about the strap’s minimum breaking strength.

It must be double or 3 times the gross vehicle mass of your car. We definitely suggest this outfit is made by a reputable manufacturer, particularly during the winter. 

However, for heavy-duty winching, you may want something considerably more powerful.


Fully prepared in the USA

Great material

Easy to organize tools

Easy to carry


Nothing Found

4. ARB ARB501A Large Recovery Equipment Bag

ARB ARB501A Orange Large Recovery Equipment Bag

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

The main pocket insert is treated for mud and water protection when keeping soiled and wet recovering gear. The main pocket is easily removed for cleaning.

Padded neck strap for comfort and ease of carrying. Closable cargo flaps to keep rescue gear secure when the situation gets tough. 2 compartments on the sides for bow restraints and gloves

Trim with reflective tape for night recoveries and personal security.

Big heavy 100% cotton fabric with certified (30kg)’sure grip’ buckles.

High twist nylon straps are stitched to the foundation structure for optimal strength.

The ARB501A Orange Large Recovery Tool Bag from ARB is a great kit covering all of the fundamentals you need to get yourself out of a jam.

Suppose you want to supplement your total recovery gear kit while keeping the brand in the same line. In that case, they have smaller side kits to complement the premium.

ARB is Australia’s leading producer and distributor of 44 accessories. They also have worldwide exposure, having an office in the United States and an export network that spans more than 80 nations. 

This ARB winch bag is a high-quality middle-size 44 winches storage bag that provides everything you need for your job.

This has a snatch block that may be used with a composite or steel winch line. Before using the synthetic winches rope on a clean pulley surface, we suggest lightly sanding it. 

This winch storage bag is pretty pricey, but it will surely repay its cost due to its superb quality and reputation. This is the largest winch storage bag on our list so far, and it is suitable for cars weighing up to 5,600 lbs.

It is ideal for compact cars like FJ Cruisers, Jeep Wranglers, Nissan Xterra, Toyota 4Runners, and SUVs.

The snatch block works wonderfully with steel and artificial winch rope; just make sure the pulley area is clean; otherwise, carefully sand it. This is a full winch attachment kit that is available on the market.

The product is of good quality, and it is built to last and perform well. You will not be disappointed with your purchase. This off-roading equipment does not include gloves or a winch extension strap since you will not need them.

You’ll have to buy a winch wire damper separately because it’s not supplied, but you’ll need one on a rope or line under tension.

However, to absorb the force of a snapped line, just drape a blanket over the winch line. This 4WD recovery gear is best suited for vehicles, jeeps, and compact trucks weighing up to 5,600lbs.


Very Durable bag

Great quality

mud and waterproof

Easy to carry


Nothing Found


Manufacturers often provide all of the winch components you’ll need in their own winch storage bags. Everything is pre-assembled and ready to use.

Kits stand out on various factors, including design, craftsmanship, and weight. However, if you already have one, you may simply replace some old and rusted equipment with new ones.

When purchasing a best winch storage bag, always go with the name-brand manufacturer to ensure a high-quality job performance. 

If you’ve read this far, you should be well on your way to creating or acquiring your own package. 

You may need a fire extinguisher, a ground mat, drag cables, and other recovery gear.

Remember that even if you have all of these tools, you will still have to learn how to calibrate your recuperation equipment.

You will always be ready for any event now that you are equipped and have the necessary information.

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