(Top 5) Best Winch Remote Controllers Review in 2024 [Updated]

For rescuing your vehicle from mud or broken ground, a best winch remote controller can prove to be extremely useful. This device allows you to control the motor of the winch by using a user-operable control. 

You can use winch remote control signals to switch the winch from an on position to an off position, and it uses a minimum amount of voltage ranging from 10 to 12V for its operation.

In today’s market, winch remote controllers are available in both wired and wireless versions. 

Your choice of winch remote controller will depend on your personal preferences. 

Designed to control your winch from a distance while maintaining your comfort level, it allows you to control your winch from a distance. 

With a winch remote controller, you’ll have a lot of comfort at your disposal. 

Today, there are a lot of different products available on the market. 

Unfortunately, not every product is sufficient for your needs. 

These are our top recommendations summarized in this article. 

Let’s take a closer look at the features that make these winch remote controllers the best of the bunch before we get into the review. 

Before investing in a winch remote controller, it is recommended that you look for the buying guide below.

characteristics of Best winch remote control

Construction of Quality

A product’s durability is determined by the type of material used in its construction. In addition to being developed by a reputable brand, an excellent winch remote controller incorporates fine materials, making it likely to last for a long time. 

Strong and weather-resistant

The chances of getting stuck in the mud are always there, no matter the tires’ size. Extreme weather could only exacerbate the problem. For your ease of use, we recommend that you choose a winch remote controller that is weather-resistant and impact-resistant.

Meets the requirements

Spending tons of money on an expensive winch remote controller is never a good idea, especially when you’re on a budget. You should select a model that is within your budget and has all the necessary characteristics.

An easy-to-use interface

It’s frustrating enough to get stuck with a vehicle. The last thing you want at that moment is to struggle with a winch remote controller. It is recommended to select an installation unit that is easy to handle to make installation easier and less time-consuming. 

Table of 5 best winch Remote controllers in 2024

Our Top Pick

Qook Wireless Winch Remote Control

Qook Wireless Winch Remote Control Kit

High Quality

Easy to install

Up to 100 feet

Editor’s Pick

Smittybilt XRC Winch Remote Control

Smittybilt XRC Winch Remote Control

Value for Money

Universal Fit

Easy to Install

Runner UP

Mile Marker Winch Hand Control

Mile Marker (76-50100-20) Winch Hand Control

Value for Money

Easy to Install

Vehicle Specific fit

Also Great

ELITEWILL 2 winch mount

Champion Wireless Winch Remote Control Kit

Value for Money

Auto-off feature

50 Feet Range


WARN 38626 Hand Held Winch Remote Controller

WARN 38626 Hand Held Winch Remote Controller

Value for Money

Forward/reverse Switch

Easy to Install

List of the best winch Remote controllers in 2024

You can avoid frustrating situations when traveling by investing in a superior winch

Finding the right controller to go along with the winch would be the icing on the cake. This article takes you through a review of some of the best winch remote controllers on the market right now. 

1. Qook Wireless Winch Remote Control Kit: best winch control

Qook Wireless Winch Remote Control Kit

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

High Quality

Easy to install

Up to 100 feet

This winch remote controller has received excellent ratings from users. Fine construction and high-end design make handling easy, and they appreciate the finely detailed construction. 

The advantage of a wireless winch is that it can be controlled from a great distance, and there would be no need to plug a cord for its operation. 

Users have been satisfied with the winch remote controller’s excellent performance with its wireless capabilities. 

There is no doubt that it’s a perfect product in all areas, whether it’s the quality of the build or the user-friendliness of the design. 

Additionally, the controller is compatible with several winches, saving the user the headache of buying new winches constantly.

Wireless winch remote controllers that are more efficient are on this list. Manufacturers have designed them to be extremely user-friendly. 

In addition to the great build, the user-friendly design of the product enhances its value. You’ll get great performance every time you use the body since the body does not wear out with time.

Thanks to its ease of installation, the winch remote controller works flawlessly without requiring the user to exert much effort. 

Since it runs on 12V, you can use it even in the middle of nowhere to extricate your vehicle from mud. In addition to that, its great compatibility with winches from various brands makes it of great value. 

With everything you could need in a controller, this unit is highly recommended. The product has incorporated the best of the best through superior wireless functionality or its unique construction.


The package comes with batteries.

It is compatible with multiple winches.

Wireless control makes it convenient to use.

It has a handy indicator light, making it easy to use.


They could improve it in terms of customer service.

2. Smittybilt XRC Winch Remote Control: best winch controller

Smittybilt 97281-50 XRC Winch Replacement Remote Control

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

Value for Money

Universal Fit

Easy to Install

Despite its simplicity, this winch remote control model has managed to gain users’ trust. The low-profile design and user-friendly features have made it appealing to many. 

Moreover, you can easily handle the handle, and the product is highly durable. Customers have a greater sense of confidence in this product due to the manufacturer’s warranty.

It’s the last winch remote controller of the bunch, but it doesn’t play second fiddle to any others. Because of its quality construction, it stands out from its competitors. 

Compact and therefore easy to store in your vehicle, the body is easily transportable. Its quality construction makes it durable. Thanks to the plug-and-play system, installation is also very straightforward.

It is durable enough to use for years because it has a long cord. Winch remote controllers from Smittybilt have exceptional compatibility with almost all of the company’s winches and a little bit from other companies. 

Overall, this is one of the best units you can find! With its rock-solid construction and great performance, the Smittybilt winch remote controller makes our list. 

Whenever you use it, you will experience an unforgettable performance as it is compatible with several winches. To conclude, it is a worthy consideration without a doubt. 


It has a durable cord made of high-quality materials.

It comes with a stunning design for your style game.

Great for a variety of winches.

Easy to install.


Wireless functionality is lacking.

3. Mile Marker (76-50100-20) Winch Hand Control Assembly: best winch remote controller

Mile Marker (76-50100-20) Winch Hand Control Assembly

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

Value for Money

Vehicle Specific fit

Easy to Install

Known by customers for its sleek and attractive presentation, this winch remote controller is very popular. The best feature about this controller is its ease of installation. 

According to users, the operation is relatively easy and delivers everything the manufacturer claims to be able to deliver.

Are you thinking about upgrading to another winch remote controller? You’ve come to the right place. Mile Marker’s product is designed to bring you unparalleled performance. 

A fine mix of materials has been used in its construction to make it one of the most durable models available.

This model comes in a yellow color to suit your taste. The design is simple and easy to manipulate, and the installation is straightforward. 

The installation is as easy as plugging in the cord and leaving it to do the rest. Winching is made simple and easy for you as you have total control over everything.

Easily one of the best controllers on the market, this product is suitable for any work environment. 

There is no doubt about its durability since it works well with almost all winches. You can indeed count on this unit to save you when things get tough. 


Installation takes a short time.

It is easy to use for beginners.

It has a solid build that tends to last for a long time.

A reputable brand manufactures it.

It has a vibrant color that ensures a pleasing appearance.


Plugs are not included in the package.

4. Champion Wireless Winch Remote Control Kit: best wireless winch controller

Champion Wireless Winch Remote Control Kit

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

Value for Money

Auto-off feature

50 Feet Range

Champion’s Wireless Winch Remote Kit allows winch operation from up to 50 feet away and also includes a mini-rocker handlebar switch for those times you might need backup. 

Designed for 5000-lb or less ATV/UTV winches, this kit installs easily and includes connection cables and mounting hardware.

For ATVs and UTVs with 5000-lb winches, the Champion Power Equipment 18029 50-Foot Range 12-Volt Wireless Winch Remote Kit is recommended. 

Winches of the same size, with 12-volt DC power, should draw five amps or less. Thanks to the written and complete wiring instructions, connecting your wireless remote is a snap. 

An antenna and remote are included in the kit, a wiring kit with a contractor, and all the mounting hardware you will need.

The winch kit contains a mini-rocker handlebar switch whenever you need backup, allowing you to keep using your winch through any interruption.

Up to 50 feet away, you can operate your winch wirelessly from a convenient and safe distance. 

Additionally, this remote won’t drain your vehicle’s battery since it automatically powers off when it isn’t in use so that you won’t drain your battery unnecessarily.

You can be sure to buy with confidence from Champion Support as our nationwide network of service centers backs up your purchase with a 1-year limited warranty and FREE lifetime technical support.


Easy installation.

It has a durable build to handle extreme situations with ease.

Durable rope made of aluminum.


The controller unit is not included.

5. WARN 38626 Hand Held Winch Remote Controller: Best Warn Winch Remote Controller

WARN 38626 Hand Held Winch Remote Controller

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

Value for Money

Forward/reverse Switch

Best fit for Warn Winch

Users love these winch remote controllers because of their robust build. Their appreciation of the easy-to-use design makes the whole process very convenient and easy for them. 

In particular, it’s easy installation and ergonomic design have done remarkable things for this product. Further, you can use the cord even in harsh weather conditions without any compromise in the quality.

Our attention has been drawn to this winch remote controller for its superb construction. In its construction, manufacturers have used high-quality materials to ensure its durability. 

The ergonomic handle allows you to continue the task without being inconvenienced, and the user-friendly body makes it easy to handle. 

It comes with a 12-foot cable that you can use to control your winch from a distance. The controller can perform its duties while you sit at your desk comfortably. 

In addition, it is waterproof so that you can take advantage of its great performance even in extreme weather conditions. Plugs shaped like a D are designed to be compatible with both old and new sockets. 

As the most versatile and durable winch remote controller so far, this model sets the bar with its convenient handling and durable construction. 

With it, you can use it in any weather without having to worry about damaging it. You get what you pay for when you purchase this device. 


It has a body that can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Extra-long cable to make the task as effortless as possible.

The handle is ergonomically designed for easy handling.


It does not come with a warranty.

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Buying Guide to Select Best Winch Remote Control

As with any other product, choosing the best winch remote controller requires consideration of several factors. With so many options available on the market, you may get confused and end up getting the wrong product for your needs.

Here are a few points you must pay close attention to in order to avoid any regrets in the future. 

1) The material used for cables

A wired controller’s construction material is one of the essential material factors to consider. These tubes come in different thicknesses and diameters, so you should pick one best suits your everyday needs.

2) Availability

To be the best wireless winch remote controller, it must control the winch from a very long distance. If a wireless controller cannot function over a long distance, what is the point of having it? 

3) Length of the cable

It would be best if you always considered a winch remote controller’s length. You should never choose too short or too long of a controller. Make sure your choice is easy to pack and store in the vehicle and the right length. 

4) Adaptability

You can not overlook this factor at all. Choose a controller that works with your winch rather than one that isn’t even compatible. 

When purchasing a unit, it’s best to stick with the same brand as your winch to avoid compatibility problems.

Video explaining how to install wireless winch controller


What is the proper wiring for a winch controller?

There is no need to be intimidated by wiring the winch controller. The process is quite straightforward. 

Your control box’s positive and negative terminals must be connected to the corresponding positive and negative terminals on the winch. 

After that, attach the positive terminal of the controller to the battery’s positive terminal with a fused wire. To ground the control box properly, connect the negative terminal to the clean ground terminal.

Is a winch remote controller universal?

In many cases, a good, quality winch remote controller may be universal, depending on the features that it offers. 

You can greatly ease the task of moving a vehicle with a winch remote controller, whether you’re removing a big tree branch from the road or helping a friend. 

A winch remote controller is a good thing to have when you’re on a road trip or going somewhere where there are no trails.

When choosing a winch size, what should I consider?

Your winch will need to be more powerful as your vehicle gets heavier. At least 1.5 times the weight of your vehicle should be able to be pulled by your winch. 

You can calculate a winch capacity by multiplying the maximum vehicle weight by 1.5. Although this is a minimum rating, certain factors can cause the maximum rating to be exceeded.


It is essential to keep an open mind when you purchase a new winch remote controller. 

It is always important to buy a model that will serve you for a long time in the future to get your money’s worth. 

With this, we have concluded our detailed review of some of the best winch remote controllers available. 

By now, hopefully, you have been able to make the right choice that suits your needs.

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