Top 10 Best Winch Mounting Plates in 2023 (Updated)

Let’s take a look at the best winch mounting plates in this article.

Even though a winch plate seems unassuming, its importance cannot be underestimated. They ensure the winch stays firmly bolted to your vehicle even when in the most challenging circumstances.

Using the unit, you can be assured the fairlead and winch are securely attached, allowing you to concentrate on your trip.

Winchplates are usually made from thick, powder-coated steel that is corrosion resistant and extra strong.

Larger models come with hooks, shackles, lights, and hitch receivers which will enable them to slide over the bumper.

There’s no need to worry about a specific model, only that you choose one that will be quality, as a less-than-ideal model can fail and leave you stranded.

Table of Best Winch Mounting Plates

RankProduct NamePrice
1.ZEAK 36” Universal Winch Mounting PlateCheck Price at Amazon
2.Rough Country Winch Mounting KitCheck Price at Amazon
3.Badland Winches ATV/UTV Winch Mounting PlateCheck Price at Amazon
4.OFF ROAD BOAR Universal Mounting PlateCheck Price at Amazon
5.7BLACKSMITHS Cradle Mounting PlateCheck Price at Amazon
6.Rough Country Hidden Winch Mounting PlateCheck Price at Amazon
7.FIERYRED Universal Cradle Winch Mounting PlateCheck Price at Amazon
8.X-BULL Universal Winch Mount plateCheck Price at Amazon
9.ECOTRIC Winch Mounting PlateCheck Price at Amazon
10.SuperATV Winch Mounting PlateCheck Price at Amazon

10 Best Winch Mounting Plates

Nowadays, mounting plates come in so many different varieties that choosing the right one can be difficult.

Following are detailed reviews of some of the best winch mounting plates currently on the market to help you make an informed decision. So be sure to read through them all and decide which one suits you best!

1. ZEAK 36” Universal Winch Mounting Plate 13000lb – Best Winch Mounting Plate

ZEAK 36'' Universal Winch Mounting Plate

The vast majority of people who purchased the ZEAK 36” Universal Winch Mounting Plate were quite satisfied with their purchase and described it as a very solid model.

It was particularly impressive to see how well the finish was crafted and how simple the installation process was.

Most users acknowledged that the product lined up perfectly with their winch holes, but some needed to drill additional holes to ensure a secure fit.

In addition to its many features, the ZEAK 36” Universal Winch Mounting Plate winch cradle stands out among its competitors.

First and foremost, the heavy-gauge steel construction ensures reliability and durability. In addition, the unit is protected from rust by its tough powder-coated finish.

Last but not least, the standard, on-center fairlead bolt pattern helps it to be compatible with a variety of winches, further easing its use.

Mounting plates for fairleads and winches can be mounted on the 36″ ZEAK Universal Winch Mounting Plate. According to the above description, it’s designed to work with ATV winches with a load capacity of 13000 pounds. 

The ZEAK 36” Universal Winch Mounting Plate is a durable, high-quality option that sports a quality steel frame and a durable powder-coated finish.

While the pattern lines up perfectly with most winching holes, some additional holes may be required for use. 

2. Rough Country Winch Mounting Kit – Best Winch Mounting Plate for Jeep

 Rough Country Winch Mounting Kit

Mount the Rough Country Winch Mounting Kit to your UTV or another vehicle for assistance in installing a self-recovery winch.

Rough Country Winch Mounting Kit was well received by most buyers, and many of them recommended it to others as well.

In addition, the drilled holes aligned perfectly with the winch holes, and they commented on how fantastic the construction is.

The unit even performed well when used near full capacity, according to one user.

People were, however, disappointed with the quality of the bolts on the handles and complained that they peeled out easily.

Among the many reasons that make the Rough Country Winch Mounting Kit stand out, its design and construction are the most important to us.

It aligns perfectly with the winch holes thanks to its on-center fairlead bolt pattern. Additionally, since the steel is of high quality and the finish is powder-coated, this product will last a very long time.

Rough Country Winch Mounting Kit can be considered one of the best models available today. It features the standard winch bolt pattern. There may be some rubbing when the cable is spooled in and out.

3. Badland Winches ATV/UTV Winch Mounting Plate – Best Winch Mounting Plate for Trailer

Badland Winches ATV/Utility Winch Mounting Plate

The ease of use of this universal winch mounting plate makes it stand out from the rest.

This unit, equipped with three predrilled bolt holes, can be custom-mounted so that it can be used with nearly any winch brand.

Furthermore, the mount comes pre-drilled for the standard roller fairlead, further guaranteeing alignment.

The majority of buyers said that the model did everything it was advertised to do and they would buy it again if the opportunity arose.

Those who were especially complimentary of the metal finish were highly rated. Additionally, they said that the holes matched the holes in the lead rollers and in the winch.

Although some customers complained that the unit was too big, others received broken hardware bags with missing nuts.

This universal model is compatible with most brands of winches, as mentioned previously. Units that have a load capacity of 2000 lbs and 3000 lbs are compatible with the unit, making it the perfect choice for flat surfaces on trailers and bumpers.

On our list of top picks, we are delighted to include the Badland Winches ATV/Utility Winch Mounting Plate. With an epoxy-grade finish, the model is highly reliable and durable, while the innovative design makes the installation process straightforward.

If you are planning on mounting it on the floor, however, you will need to make some adjustments.

4. OFF ROAD BOAR Universal Winch Mount Plate

The winch mounting plate applies fabricated steel in the manufacturing of this winch mount for ultimate strength and rigidity, and corrosion-resistant housing for superior durability.

This winch mount hitch reciever is suitable for standard 10″x4-1 / 2″ winch rated between up to 8,000 -15,000 pounds winch.

The winch mount plate is made of steel and coated with corrosion-resistant housing, which is born to deliver ultimate reliable performance against any harsh conditions.

Designed to accommodate winches rated up to 15,000 pounds, it also comes with standard mounting holes, and the 2-inch hitch makes it extremely convenient to switch between vehicles.

The folding size of this hitch winch mount is 13.78″ x10.43″, and it can be easily stored and placed in the trunk of the car without disassembly.

It takes up less space and can be easily taken out and installed quickly when needed.

There are 3 screw mounting holes on both sides of the base, and the installation method can be selected according to actual needs.

This specially-engineered winch mount can be easily mounted to both the front and rear of the vehicle, which could greatly expand its versatility in use.

The standard universal size ensures that the mounting plate is suitable for any four-wheel drive vehicle: truck, ATV, 4×4, trailer, etc.

All in all, OFF ROAD BOAR Universal Winch Mount Plate surely deserves a place on this list. Constructed with quality steel and featuring a black powder finish, the model ensures durability, longevity, and reliability.

While its multiple holes make it compatible with several different winches, some modifications might still be required.

7BLACKSMITHS 10" x 4 1/2" Cradle Winch Mounting Plate

The 7BLACKSMITHS 10″ x 4 1/2″ Cradle Winch Mounting Plate is a durable type that’s made to aid in the installation of a self-recovery winch on your UTV or other vehicle. It’s also suitable for winches with a load capacity of 8,000 to 13,000 pounds. 

While there are a number of reasons why the 7BLACKSMITHS 10″ x 4 1/2″ Cradle Winch Mounting Plate is at the top of our list, its quality and design are the most important.

The unit lines up properly with the winch holes thanks to the on-center fairlead bolt arrangement.

Meanwhile, corrosion is prevented by the high-quality steel and powder-coat finish, ensuring long-term performance.

The 7BLACKSMITHS 10″ x 4 1/2″ Cradle Winch Mounting Plate was positively received by most buyers, who suggested it to other possible buyers.

They praised the sturdy workmanship and noted that the drilled holes matched the winch holes exactly.

On a near-full-capacity draw, one user observed that the unit held up well. However, some customers were dissatisfied with the quality of the bolts on the handles, claiming that they quickly peeled out.

Rough Country Hidden Winch Mounting Plate

The Rough Country Hidden Winch Mounting Kit allows you to install a standard size winch in the factory bumper space for a clean, flush recovery option that matches the factory look.

The front plate of this simple winch mounting kit spans the opening of the bumper, leaving only the fairlead and winch line exposed for a bold, aggressive look.

Each Hidden Winch Mounting Kit comes with a remote port that allows you to attach a wired winch remote for convenient operation without having to rummage around below the car.

The remote port is only compatible with winch models that have 3-prong remote cables. Remotes with five prongs will not fit. Consider getting an aftermarket wireless remote if your winch comes with a 5-prong remote.

The Rough Country Hidden Winch Mounting Kit is a 100% bolt-on installation that makes upgrading your vehicle a breeze! This kit supports both hawse and roller fairleads and can be used with most steel or synthetic winches.

FIERYRED Universal Winch Cradle Winch Mounting Plate

Fieryred, which has been working on off-road equipment research and development in order to make outdoor experiences more accessible and pleasurable, considers customer loyalty to be a core value.

This CNC formed winch mount is made of manufactured steel and has a corrosion-resistant casing to withstand any extreme circumstances. This winch plate can also be bolted directly to the front and rear of the vehicle.

Fieryred uses manufactured steel in the construction of this winch mount for ultimate strength and rigidity, as well as corrosion-resistant housing for long-term endurance.

This winch plate may be readily attached to nearly any vehicle thanks to its standard mounting holes. In addition, no modifications are required for a simple installation.

This uniquely constructed winch accessory can be readily fitted to both the front and rear of the vehicle, giving it a far broader range of applications.

Corrosion-resistant housing offers robust resistance to corrosion, moisture, acidic materials, and extreme weather.

Thanks to its 2 inch adjustable hitch, this winch plate are appropriate for winches rated between 1,300 and 16,500 lbs and can be mounted on nearly any vehicle.

X-BULL Universal Winch Cradle Mounting Plate

Rust-Resistant Black Powder Coating Steel is 1/5 inch thick. Strong and durable steel structure with long service life.

Trucks, ATVs, 4X4s, trailers, and other four-wheel drive vehicles are all compatible. You may easily transport the mounting plate to any location, saving a lot of space.

Your best option is the X-Bull Winch Mounting Plate. In the Center Guide Bolt Mode, the Handle Isn’t Adjustable. Bolts and clamps are included in the package.

Everyone can easily install this cradle winch, which comes with a 10″ top center guide bolt mode and a 10″ x 4 1/2″ standard winch mounting mode.

The standard winch installation method for 8,000 to 15,000-pound winches, 10″ x 4-1/2″In the center guide bolt mode, the handle is not adjustable.

Bolts and clamps are included in the package. This cradle winch may be simply installed in both the 10 top center guide bolt mode and the 10 x 4 1/2 standard winch mounting mode.

Structure made of heavy steel, which is both sturdy and durable, and has a long service life. Truck, ATV, 4×4, trailer, and any four-wheel-drive vehicle are all compatible.

You may easily transport the mounting plate to any location, saving a lot of space. The x-bull winch mounting plate is the finest option for you.

The majority of consumers thought the X-BULL Universal Winch Cradle Mounting Plate was well worth the money because of its heavy-duty design.

They also found the installation to be quite simple. One user also stated that the plate remained sturdy even after pulling their trailer and truck out of the mud.

ECOTRIC 10x 4 1/2 Cradle Winch Mount Mounting Plate

The ECOTRIC is a rugged model designed to make installing a self-recovery winch on your UTV or another vehicle a breeze.

It can also be used with winches that have a load capacity ranging from 8,000 to 13,000 pounds.

While there are many reasons why the ECOTRIC is at the top of our list, we are most impressed by its construction and design.

The on-center fairlead bolt configuration ensures that the unit aligns with the winch holes.

Meanwhile, the high-quality steel and powder-coat finish resist corrosion, assuring long-term performance.

The majority of customers were pleased with the ECOTRIC and recommended it to other potential buyers. They commended the strong construction and pointed out that the drilled holes perfectly matched the winch holes.

One customer said the unit held up nicely throughout a near-full-capacity pull. Some consumers, however, were displeased with the quality of the bolts on the handles, alleging that they peeled off rapidly. Overall, the ECOTRIC Cradle Winch Mount Mounting Plate is without a doubt one of the finest choices.

It has an on-center fairlead bolt system and is suited for winches weighing 8,000 to 13,000 pounds. However, the cable may rub when it is spooled in and out.

10. SuperATV – Best Winch Mounting Plate

SuperATV Winch Mounting Plate

The most crucial item a cyclist can have is a reliable winch, and behind every reliable winch is a strong, safe winch mount.

When it comes to winch mounts, SuperATV’s Winch Mounting Plate for the Polaris Ranger XP 1000, designed particularly for our Black Ops Winches, is unrivaled.

Installing this mounting plate on your machine provides you peace of mind, knowing that SuperATV has your back no matter what insane situation you find yourself in.

We understand how critical it is to have a reliable winch mount because if it fails, you’re in big trouble. That’s why our winch mounts are laser cut and CNC brake press bent from 3/16″ heavy-duty steel plate. We also powder coat it for further durability, so you can be assured that this mounting plate is built to last.

Customers also like how simple and quick the installation is—just bolt it on and go! The winch mount has a bolt design that fits most aftermarket winches weighing 3500-6000 pounds. Warn, Superwinch, and OEM winches are all included.

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Is There a Specific Size for Mounting Plates?

There are many mounting plates that can be used with any winch, regardless of its brand. You should make sure that they are designed with a standard bolt pattern of 10″ by 4.5″ and that their orientation is correct.

It is not necessary to choose a model with a specific width, although you will have to pick one with a bolt pattern that fits perfectly into your winch holes.

Alternatively, you might find what you need by looking at a plate that’s specific to your model of vehicle or by looking at Jeep plates. Several Jeep-model-specific winch plates are available that can be modified to fit other 4x4s.

It’s easy to work with Jeep plates because they’re designed to fit between the front frame rails, so there’s no need to make a bunch of intricate cuts or bends.

While you will have to do some fine and fab work, it won’t be as difficult as building a complete plate.

Purpose of Mountain Plate Winch

If you want to mount a winch foot-down, you should mount it that way. If you want to mount it foot-forward, you should mount it that way.


Installing it incorrectly can cause serious damage. A large part of the problem relates to how the mounting bolts are loaded.

The following are the common configurations of winches:

Just the foot-down

Please fast-forward only

Neither foot-down nor foot-forward

Your winch mounting method and the mounting plate that you select will depend on how you mount it. It is necessary to buy a winch that complements the bumper’s winch mounting configuration if you already own a bumper.

You will need to purchase a bumper or mounting plate based on the mounting configuration of your winch if you already have one. This is a situation that you won’t need to worry about if you buy a foot down/foot forward winch.

Loads are taken from the winch’s forward mounting plate in a foot-forward configuration. The bolts might be slightly strained when the winch pulls aren’t straight.

So there might be some small shear loads on them, but the winch is primarily pulled against the winch mounting plate, not the mounting hardware.

Buying Guide to Select Best Winch Mounting Plate

The process of selecting the right mounting plate can be time-consuming and complicated. If you are buying a new model, you might wish to consider the following factors to ensure it is a quality one:

1) Adaptability

If you want your winch to work, the mounting plate you choose must be compatible with it. Models of good quality can usually be used regardless of the brand for mounting winches.

In addition, these units are designed to work with every type of winch, including those requiring a higher fairlead so that the bumper does not rub against it.

2) Construction of high quality

Winch mount bolts that come loose will shear and cause your winch to become damaged and damaged. Foot-down winches in particular should be checked regularly for loose bolts.

This is why it’s extremely important to tighten the mounting bolts properly to ensure that the mounting plate is firmly secured to the winch. Even if one bolt comes loose, there will be a significant reduction in clamping force.

3) A Design That Is Efficient

You can achieve a rugged exterior with the help of quality mounting plates while maintaining functionality.

These durable, well-made products are manufactured with skill and ensure safety, strength, and durability.

How to Install a Winch Plate on a Mount

Check that the winch you’ve chosen is compatible with the mounting plate you’ve chosen before installing it.

While universal winch mounts can be used with a variety of bumpers, it’s still a good idea to double-check that it’ll fit your car.

After you’ve decided on a plate, you can install it by following the instructions outlined below:

-On the top of the bumper, remove the four bolts.
-To remove the plastic sway bar cover, remove the four bolts that hold it in place, preferably with a 3/8″ wrench.
-The cover comes off your automobile.
-Remove the two bolts holding the sway bar in place.
-Using the instructions provided by the winch manufacturer, mount the fairlead and winch to the mounting plate.
-Align the holes on the winch mounting plate with the holes on your vehicle’s bumper.
-Use the OEM sway bar mounting bolts to firmly hold the mounting plate in place.
-Install the wire according to the winch manufacturer’s instructions.


What is the ideal thickness for a winch mounting plate?

Different steel plate thicknesses are available from some firms supplying steel bumper kits. So, how thick should a steel plate be to sustain a winch and the force required to rescue a vehicle? Depending on where the piece of steel is positioned in the bumper, the answer is 3/16″-1/4″.

 Is it possible to install a winch on a stock bumper?

The factory bumper can be used to mount a winch. The mounting bolts for winch mounting plates only run through the bumper to the frame underneath. It’s not even necessary to have a bumper. For a Wrangler, a winch capability of 8000 to 9500 lbs. is excellent.

Is it possible to place a winch on a bull bar?

A bull bar would not be strong enough to serve as a winch mount. Install a front-mounted receiver, such as part # 65062, and utilise a winch mounting plate, such as part # C31010.


You can add the ability to recover vehicles with a winch or attach a plow to your vehicle by installing a winch mounting plate on the front bumper. The Best winch mounting plates are made of steel with a powder-coated finish. 

If you consider winch plates, ensure that they are compatible with your bumper and the winch you plan to mount. 

Many manufacturers only produce winch mounts that are compatible with their own winches. 

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