Top 5 Best Winch Hook Stopper in 2023 (Updated)

Let’s find out the best winch hook stopper in the market right now in this article.

It is a must-have accessory for you to have a cable hook stopper. Alternatively, you can use a hook stopper to ensure your winch is protected. 

The cord simply hangs around the hook and is particularly useful after finishing winching when you pull in the rope.

You risk the hook hitting the fairlead or the rope already wound around the drum when over-reeling. However, a hook stopper will prevent the hook from touching the fairlead and wounded cable.

In the case of hawse fairlead and synthetic rope, the hook stopper is paramount due to the hook causing more damage to the synthetic rope and hawse fairlead than to both steel cables and roller fairleads. 

You don’t have to cut the rope to install a stopper, nor do you need to remove the hook. Place the stopper’s two parts on top of each other with the rope in between and screw them up.

Measure the rope’s diameter or line against the diameter of the hole of a cable hook stopper before buying.

Here is a brief if you’re unfamiliar with why a winch cable stop is useful. 

The winch line will not get tangled up with over-reeling. 

You’ll be able to keep your hook from cutting through your fairlead or tearing the rope from your winch. 

You can get it for very little money.  Stop your winch hook from tearing rope. You attach a cable stop to the winch line directly behind the winch hook on your winch.

There are 3 Types of Winch Hook Stoppers:

#1. 1 Piece Rubber Hook Stopper

1 Piece Rubber Hook Stopper

There is nothing complicated about this design. Generally, one-piece ones tend to be the cheapest since they consist of one piece. 

Put the winch cable on by either cutting it (terrible idea!) or hand-tying it to the winch stopper by pulling your winch cable completely off your winch. 

When installing your winch hook stopper, it is highly recommended that you cut the winch’s cable. 

You should be aware that the splice you make will be bulkier and longer than the factory cable crimp, even if the cable clamps are oriented correctly.

#2 2 Piece Rubber Hook Stopper

2 Piece Rubber Hook Stopper

It is basically the same as the one-piece design, except they are easier to install. The clamshell construction is composed of two pieces that bolt together. 

Stainless steel hardware is often included in kits. Whenever you’re searching around, we prefer the winch hook stops with four bolts over two.

These are usually available in at least two sizes from the manufacturer. Essentially, you can choose between a lightweight UTV winch or a 12,000-lb winch with a cable stopper.

#3 Integrated Cable Hook Stoppers

Integrated Cable Hook Stoppers

This style has all the features that prevent your hook from damaging the fair lead, as well as a more secure winch hook. Don’t worry about the hook pulling into a hose or roller fairlead, as the hook’s end is round, rubberized, and large.

It does not actually come with a hook – it’s designed to connect to a shackle. Whenever you’re recovering in a 4×4 vehicle, you’re always hooking up to a shackle. 

It’s held in place with circular clips, so you will need a circlip plier to remove it and slide it out, so you don’t damage the winch line.

Comparison Table of Best Winch Hoot Stopper

RankProduct NamePrice
1.AUTMATCH Winch Cable Hook StopperCheck at Amazon
2.WARN 99944 Rubber Winch StopperCheck at Amazon
3.Ucreative Winch Cable Hook Rubber StopperCheck at Amazon
4.EL JEFE Winch Cable Hook StopperCheck at Amazon
5.KFI Products ATV-SCHS CablesCheck at Amazon

5 Best Winch Hook Stoppers

1. AUTMATCH Winch Cable Hook Stopper: Best Winch Hook Stopper

AUTMATCH Winch Cable Hook Stopper

This two-pack of ATV silicone rubber shock absorbing stopper will prevent your cables from slipping.

The silicone rubber material is of the highest quality. This cushion has excellent shock-absorbent qualities and can withstand heavy use. Compatible With All Steel Cable or Synthetic Cables Up to 1/2″ in diameter (12mm). 

Allow the ATV winch cable to slide and run freely while keeping the line neat. It’s been so important to protect your winching gear. Trucks, Jeeps, ATVs, UTVs, ORVs, Trailers, and Sport-Utility Vehicles.

This two-piece silicone rubber design uses four solid carbon steel bolts, four locking nuts, and four washers. 

Add a Split Design Portable Allen Wrench Tool for Easy Installation. All of these accessories have a zinc and nickel coating on the surface. 

Silicone Rubber Cable Stopper eliminates rattling and bouncing by preventing your ATV / UTV cable from being pulled in too far past the rollers on your winch.

2. WARN 99944 Rubber Winch Stopper: Best Winch Hook Stopper

WARN 99944 Rubber Winch Cable/Hook

This Warn Industries split design Winch Cable Stop is rubber and black. The WARN 99944 Hook Stop keeps the winch hook sinking to the bottom. 

It has a design for easy installation and a 1/2″ central hole that extends the life of the hook and winch. 

The rubber structure adds to the longevity of the design, which is 1.97 inches tall by 2.56 inches in diameter. Designed specifically for all-terrain vehicles. 

Cable clamps and fraying cable are attached to the winch hook. This solved both problems. It is necessary to remove the cable clamps and swage the end of the cable using a cable swager.

Heat shrink tubing was swage-rolled over the cable ends to better protect the ends, and the WARN winch stopper was installed over the swage right behind the hook. 

As a result, the problem was sorted, and the installation was made. Even if you have cable clamps and no swaging tool, installing the stopper behind cable clamps is possible, but the extra effort produced better results. 

The WARN winch stopper was inexpensive and came with stainless steel bolts, which was nice.

3. Ucreative Winch Cable Hook Rubber Stopper – Best Winch Hook Stopper

Ucreative Winch Cable Hook Rubber Stopper

It has an excellent shock absorption feature and withstands heavy-duty usage. The winch motor and gears can be protected from being pulled in too far and bottoming out by Utilizing this hook stopper.

Removing the hook reduces wear and tears on your rollers and eliminates hook clatter from going down the trail. 

Besides this, it keeps the cable from being pulled in too far, so the winch motor and gears don’t bottom out on the rollers. Additionally, it keeps the hook tensioned to prevent the cable from becoming loosened.

For your ATV or UTV winch, this split cable hook stopper will prevent the cable from splitting. It has a weight of 4 ounces with 2 5/8 inches in width and 1 3/4 inches in thickness. 

This Split Cable Hook Stopper fits between the two outside rollers on an ATV or UTV winch fairlead. It also works nicely with synthetic rope and the slot fairlead. 

You should buy a split cable hook stopper for the following reasons: The hook helps your rollers last longer by reducing wear and tear. It keeps the winch motor and gears from bottoming out by drawing the rope too far into the rollers. 

Tension is maintained on the hook to prevent the cable from getting loose. It appears to be amazing. Once you have one, every one person you ride with will want one.

EL JEFE Winch Cable Hook Stopper 2 Pieces

This winch cable hook guard stopper features an ergonomic design to ensure your ropes and wires slide smoothly and effortlessly. 

You won’t need to worry about fraying the wires or tangling them. You can reduce rattles, abrasions, bouncing, and fraying by using one of these products.

An El Jefe rubber winch cable hook stopper ensures the cable is held securely in place regardless of whether you are lifting a plow or just pulling yourself out of a jam.

This Winch Cable Hook Stopper will protect your winch line & fairlead. It features excellent shock absorption, antioxidant, antifading, tear and wear resistance, and can withstand heavy use.

Compatible with all steel or synthetic cables with a diameter of up to 15/32″ (12mm). 

Allow the ATV winch cable to slide and run freely while keeping the line neat. It’s Never important to protect your winching gear. Trucks, Jeeps, ATVs, UTVs, ORVs, Trailers, and Sport-Utility Vehicles.

You can easily assemble these winch cable hook stoppers, even if you are new to them. There are 2 types of winch cable hook stoppers included in this set, 1 black and 1 orange, so you can use them without worrying about breaking them. 

Take a look at the different colors today and see how they look combined. I’m sure you’ll be amazed.

Keep your 4X4 in flawless condition and eliminate friction and unnecessary damage with these winch cable hook stoppers! 

With the El Jefe Winch Stopper, you can ensure that your ATV / UTV cable will not get pulled in too far past the rollers of your winch, preventing it from rattling and bouncing.

KFI Products ATV-SCHS Cables, Black

This split cable hook stopper is required for ATV and UTV winches. The weight of the product is 4 ounces. The dimensions of the product are 2 5/8 inches wide by 1 3/4 inches thick. 

Split Cable Hook Stoppers like this one from KFI make it easy to secure the outer rollers of an ATV or UTV winch fairlead. The synthetic rope and the fair slot lead work equally well. 

It reduces wear and tears on the rollers on the hook, thus eliminating the need to buy a Split Cable Hook Stopper. The hook clatter is no longer generated as the trail goes down.

It prevents the motor and gears from being damaged by the heavy pull on the cable or bottoming out on the rollers. 

Tightens the hook so that the cable does not come loose. As soon as you own one, everyone else with whom you ride wants one too.

Freespool winch and approximately 100 feet of rope and 2 feet of cable. Remove the clevis pin and hairpin from the winch hook. To remove the Split Cable Hook Stopper, remove the four bolts that connect the two halves. 

The cable or rope can now be placed between the halves. Bolts should now be inserted and tightened. 

Attach the hook to the cable end. When stowing the hook, engage the clutch and retract the cable onto the winch spool until the hook is snug against the hook stopper and fairlead. 

While utilizing your winch, position the hook stopper approximately 3/4 of the total line distance towards the hook.

Looking For Other Winch Hook Accessories?

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What kind of cable will this take?

Synthetic Winch Cable, 3/16 inch to 3/8 inch (with protective sleeve). If it’s a steel cable, you’ll probably need something to wrap it in to keep it from slipping.

Is this going to work on a steel cable?

Yes. However, wrapping the steel cable in is required (synthetic rope usually comes with a protective sleeve). Otherwise, the rubber stopper could come loose.


Hope you learned about the best winch hook stopper in this article.

In difficult times, a winch is your lifeline. If it looks after you, shouldn’t you do the same? 

A Hook Stopper is a “must-have” to safeguard your synthetic winch rope’s aluminium hawse or rollers. 

This avoids rattles and safeguards your Hawse and fairlead from dents. 

This tool’s design avoids chattering, prevents dents, and saves line from strain whether you’re using metal cable or synthetic rope, a roller fairlead, or aluminium hawse. 

The bolt-together two-piece design installs and removes fast and effortlessly using four zinc-coated steel bolts.

A Winch hook stopper is definitely essential for anyone that uses Winches. It would be a great addition to your winch set.

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