Top 3 Best Winch Hook Isolator in 2023 (Buying Guide)

This best winch hook isolator eliminates unwanted rattles and needs a recovery point when not in use. 

Adding an isolator is easily accomplished by unhooking your winch hook, running the cable through the isolator, then attaching it back to your winch. 

As a result, the fairlead doesn’t rattle, while it does not affect the winching operation. It is easy to install and gives you a lot of protection for your safety.

When installed, the Winch Hook Isolator rests between the rollers of your fairlead and won’t affect winching operation. 

Winch Hook Isolators allow the winch hook to be mounted between the fairlead rollers and secure the winch hook in place. 

High-quality urethane material is used in these isolator kits, ensuring durability. These kits are corrosion-resistant and do not require welding or drilling.

With a Winch Isolator Block, your winch cable will be cushioned in tension when your winch line is fully spooled. 

Standard winch hooks are secured against standard fairleads to eliminate annoying chatter. It serves as a handle and also allows the cable to be despoiled. 

With this winch hook, you will shut off the rattles and have a suitable place to secure your winch hook. 

Reinstall the winch hook by disconnecting the winch hook, running your cable through the isolator, and reconnecting the cable.

Comparison Table

RankProduct NamePrice
1.Daystar Universal Winch isolatorCheck at Amazon
2.American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Winch Hook IsolatorCheck at Amazon
3.Daystar -Best WInch Hook IsolatorCheck at Amazon

3 Best Winch Hook Isolator

1. Daystar Universal Winch isolator – Best Winch Hook Isolator

Daystar, Universal winch hook roller fairlead isolator

The winch hook isolator is secured and rests between the rollers of the fair lead. It is made of high-grade urethane, simple to install, and is Corrosion resistant. 

The Daystar Black Winch hook Isolator Kits are used to secure the winch hook and keep it in place between the fairlead rollers. 

These isolator kits are constructed of high-quality urethane for long-term durability. They are corrosion-resistant and do not require welding or drilling.

It effectively reduces the irritating rattle from your winch hook as you drive down the road. It also protects your winch by providing a silicon bumper to prevent you from over-tightening it during storage, which can harm even a high-quality winch.

It is an easy and practical means of keeping the winch isolated snugly in the fairlead without jamming the hook into the rollers or hooking the winch to a recovery point. 

It not only keeps the majority of road dirt out of the cylinder, but it also keeps the majority of road dirt out of the cylinder. This filter is simple to install and composed of durable materials. 

Furthermore, if anyone was wondering how you use it when winching, it’s pulled out when winding your rope, and I hang it over my damper about halfway.

It keeps the winch hook in place with a flawless operation because of its perfect dimensions and fits nicely against the roller fairleads. The main advantage of this device is that it reduces the likelihood of rollers being damaged or dented. 

The device also acts like a damper when working with the line. If these are no longer available in 20 years, you can order a spare to have for the time when they are no longer available. 

The hook hangs out 3-4 inches, swinging in the wind when the products claim to keep the hook from running into the rollers. It keeps everything nice and close, snug and neat with the DayStar isolator. No better option exists.


Urethane construction in one piece.

Provides a practical place to secure the winch hook.

Installation is simple.



2. American Expedition Vehicles AEV Winch Hook Isolator – Best Winch Hook Isolator

American Expedition Vehicles AEV Winch Hook Isolator

After every minor bump, you may notice a rattling, clanking sound coming from the front of your off-road rig. To solve this problem, AEV offers their Winch Hook Isolator. 

This simple modification, crafted from solid urethane, will keep your winch hook from vibrating while you drive along, so you won’t need to keep it tethered to a recovery point while not in use. 

There is nothing complicated about installing this piece. With AEV Winch Hook Isolator, you no longer have to worry about rattling winches or having to secure your winch hook when not in use. 

Easy to install – disconnect your winch hook, run your cable through the isolator, then reattach your hook. 

With AEV’s Winch Hook Isolator, you don’t have to worry about winching operations becoming disrupted once it’s installed between the rollers of your fairlead. It’s constructed of solid urethane with an American-made construction.

It is a five-star product! It would help if you made a slight adjustment to ensure that the hook stays in place. 

Otherwise, it will protrude and knock off the front license plate holder. As a whole, this is a decent quality hook that secures the winch hook in roller fairleads and fits well in roller fairleads. 


It is unnecessary to attach the winch hook to a recovery point when not in use.

Solid urethane construction.

Made in the United States.


If the hook doesn’t stay in place, it will protrude and knock off the front license plate holder.

3. Daystar -Best Winch Hook Isolator

best winch hook isolator

Daystar Black Winch Isolator Kits secured the winch hook to the fairlead between the rollers, preventing its movement. 

These isolation kits are made from high-quality urethane, ensuring long-term durability depending on the model. Moreover, they are corrosion-resistant, do not require welding, and do not require drilling.

Using Daystar Black Winch Isolator, you will be able to eliminate unwanted rattles while winching or the requirement of attaching your winch hook to a recovery point when not in use. 

You can install it in minutes – disconnect your winch hook, run your cable through the isolator, and then reconnect your hook. 

As soon as it is installed, Daystar Black Winch Isolator will rest between the rollers of your fairlead, so it will not interfere with winching operations. The urethane material has a durable finish. 

Since it is of the perfect dimensions, it fits nicely against the roller fairleads and keeps the winch hook in place while maintaining flawless operation. 

In addition to reducing roller denting, this device also reduces the possibility of damage to the rollers. Additionally, it acts as a damper, so you’re less likely to damage the line. 

When they aren’t available in 20 years, you can order one now for the time when they won’t be available. With many products claiming to prevent the hook from running into the rollers, it hangs out 3 or 4 inches, swinging in the wind. 

Using a DayStar isolator, the enclosure keeps everything excellent, tight, and neat. A better alternative does not exist.

The product effectively reduces the annoying rattling sound your winch hook makes on your drive. Additionally, a silicone bumper protects your winch during storage to prevent you from over-tightening it, which can damage even high-quality winches.


A high-quality urethane material.

It is an easy installation.

It doesn’t rust.


An expensive proposition.

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Is this clevis hook compatible with my clevis?

According to my research, the rubber piece in the middle holds the hook in place. Thankfully, the hook in my Warn winch fits that piece.

Can a 1/2 winch hook be inserted into the opening?

There is no problem with having an 11,000-pound winch fit into the opening.

When a winch is not being used, where does it go?

It is possible to store the winch hook in a way that keeps it off the front bumper, according to The Mystro. It’s located behind the front bumper and on the tow hook. The hook fits behind the front bumper and on the front.

Where can you find a winch that’s protected?

If the winch line snaps, throw a large, heavy towel or cable recovery damper over the middle of the winch line to protect yourself. (Lead the Jeep with the steering wheel). 

You can now unhook the winch, D-ring, and tree saver, and spool the rest of the winch line neatly onto your winch as soon as your vehicle is not stuck anymore.


Hope this article helped you to select the best winch hook isolators

Isolators for Winch Hooks work excellent. They are a little expensive but worth the money invested. 

When the winch isn’t used, you can close it up tight and keep the hook in place. It’s also a helpful tool for removing the unclutched cable. 

You can leave the hook in it and draw it under your arm, allowing the plastic to rest on your chest/arm as you walk away, pulling the cable behind you. It also functions effectively as a cable “damper” while pulling.

Good luck choosing the right one for you!

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