Top 5 Best Winch Hook in 2023 – {Buying Guide}

Let’s take a look at the best winch hook in the market right now for your winch

A Clevis slip hook simply called a winch hook, is the first type of connecting point at the end of a winch. Low prices and abundant availability make them famous. Various steels are used in their manufacturing. 

A lot of hooks have three essential characteristics. There is a curved opening at the beginning, which may have a safety latch. 

The hook appears to be shaped like a deep airfoil upon closer inspection. A cable on the hook is attached with a clevis nut and a cotter pin.

In terms of the chain or rope used to slip through the hook opening, a chain or rope about 3/8 inch thick is generally used. Consequently, winch hooks are designed with chains or ropes only, limiting their versatility. 

A winch of this type cannot adequately accommodate the two ends of a regular recovery strap because the hook opening is too small.

This can be a negative because synthetic recovery straps are commonly used by off-roaders. With recovery straps, this type of fabric is not recommended due to the higher fiber stress caused by its shape. 

Because of this, winch hooks present a risk of cutting and damaging recovery straps. As well, most winch hooks must only be able to handle 4000-7000 pounds on a maximum capacity basis. 

Typically, winches handle loads of 9500 to 12K lbs, which is quite a bit more than the working load limit of clevis slip hooks.

Table of Best Winch Hook

RankProduct NamePrice
1.WARN 92089 Epic – Best Winch HookCheck at Amazon
2.AUTOBOTS Winch HookCheck at Amazon
3.AMBULL Heavy Duty Winch HookCheck at Amazon
4.Factor 55 ULTRAHOOKCheck at Amazon
5.WorldPac Winch HookCheck at Amazon

Top 5 Best Winch Hook in 2023

1. WARN 92089 Epic 5/16″ Steel Winch Hook: Best Winch Hook

WARN 92089 Epic 5/16" Steel Winch Hook

Warn 92089 Steel winch is the best warn winch hook. With their compact design and high strength, Warn steel winch hooks are an excellent choice for lifting heavy items.

Steel hooks with a pulling capacity of 12,000 pounds are made from high-quality and strong steel forge!

Despite its small size, it’s quite rare to come across a winch hook with such versatile uses. 

It has a built-in bottle opener to serve as a beverage opener. With cold drinks to keep you going during the hard work, WARN knows how to keep you happy! You can always energize yourself with a beverage in the intervals!

You can see that the hook has been powdered with a protective coating to prevent external damages, such as abrasion and corrosion. 

Therefore, you can be sure that it will last for a very long time without getting rusted. As for the hook itself feels heavy and sturdy, adding to its premium and sturdy feel.

As a result of its compact design, you can easily carry the device inside your pocket and get going on your journey. 

You get so much more than the hook price, but you may be discouraged by the initial price. Its cost can be spread over many coming years, so you can see how worth it is for investing!  


Long-lasting and highly durable.

Able to handle heavy loads.

Perfect for opening bottles of beverage.



2. AUTOBOTS Winch Hook – Best ATV/UTV Winch Hook

best winch hook

A tow hitch receiver with a 3/4 D-ring shackle is fabricated from carbon steel and has a breaking point of 45,000 pounds and a rated load of 11,000 pounds. 

Black silicone isolators are used to protect the mounting surface from scratches. All towing applications can be used with this shackle hitch receiver accessory.

Providing added durability, our Hitch Receiver is electro-galvanized for extra durability and anticorrosive. This black powder coating has a strong and durable coating that will stand up to just about anything.

Electro-galvanized and powder coating protect the exterior layer of this bow shackle, allowing it to adapt to all types of severe weather, corrosion, and rust prevention. 

Furthermore, each shackle has one isolator, two thin and two thick rubber washers that serve as bumper protection, reducing friction and noises between the shackle and anchor points, as well as clicks when mounting on the car.

Featuring a 7/8 screw pin and 3/4 shackle isolator. Wreaths help make the lock more stable. The D-Ring can swing horizontally or vertically due to its dual hitch pin hole design for easy use.

A universal hitch that fits all standard 2 tow receivers transforms your truck, SUV, or another vehicle into a powerful towing machine designed to withstand harsh conditions. 

Its powder-coated finish offers corrosion resistance unlike anything else. It’s a universal design and great for ATVs, UTVs, trucks, and trailers. 

It can also be used with emergency towing ropes, rescue, and tie-downs, easily connecting to any type of winch strap, snatch blocks, snatch straps, and tree savers, and most off-road recovery straps kits.

You can get this heavy-duty and highly effective winch shackle from us if you need to get professional-quality winch shackles. 

AUTOBOTS Shackles. With this hook, you can effortlessly lift up to 45,000 pounds. Definitely a good investment. 

The shackle mount has a load capacity of 48,000 pounds, while the opening mouth has a capacity of 31,000 pounds. Overall, it’s a tough and dependable winch hook for high-tech professional applications.


An easy-to-use website.

Provides a comfortable fit.

Durable and corrosion-resistant.


The drawbacks are minimal.

3. AMBULL Winch Cable Hook – Best Heavy Duty Winch Hook

best winch hook

Comparatively to other towing hitches, it comes with an anti-theft towing hitch lock to ensure your prized possession does not go missing. 

You can connect the Dual Hitch Pin Holes either horizontally or vertically to the D Ring to make installation easier. 

The receiver is covered in a galvanized powder coat, not just for aesthetic purposes but also as a means of preventing rust and standing up to harsh weather conditions.

A set of G70 level 3/8 winch cable hook stoppers & clevis slip hooks can protect your winch well, and they are convenient and practical. Color-coded to match a variety of cars, they are a beautiful addition to any vehicle.

The hook is made from heavy gauge drop-forged steel that is galvanized on the inside and powder coated on the outside, ensuring durability and preventing corrosion and rust. 

Having a tensile strength of 35000 pounds, it is an excellent tool for demanding jobs. UV-resistant rubber is used to make the winch cable hook stopper, which is strong, waterproof, and does not fade when exposed to sunlight.

Featuring a spring-loaded safety latch and a 1/2 inch diameter Clevis Pin held in place by a split pin, this exclusive design helps ensure secure attachment. 

There are four solid carbon steel bolts, four locking nuts, four washers included in the winch cable hook stopper, and a portable Allen wrench tool for installation.

In addition to any Jeep, ATV, UTV, ORV, trailer, sport-utility vehicle, etc., this winch cable hook stopper & winch hook set is a must-have.


It has a safety lock that provides great protection.

And is capable of pulling heavy loads.


The color can fade.

best winch hook

Factor 55 develops and optimizes Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software in-house, using the latest 3D CAD software. 

In addition to destructive tests, our testing facilities are equipped with measurement and data recording equipment to ensure that every new design is thoroughly tested before it is released to the public. 

Several designs by Factor 55 are available, including aluminum work in the 6000 and 7000 series. Titanium shear pins in 6AL-4V are also available.

In addition to delivering the best products possible to our customers, Factor 55 makes sure to maintain the highest standards of quality National Defense Department is certified to test, and a measurement facility for hoisting and rigging conducts tests on all Fifty-Five items.

It includes an industry-first Closed System Shackle Mount hole machined into the hook body. 

Additionally, it has a pull-down safety latch pocket for increased swallow clearance and a latch locking pin stored in the hook body that can be removed and inserted into the hook tip to lock the latch into place. 

EPDM rubber pads are used for fairlead protection, a titanium double shear pin is used for proper “Hook Up” orientation, and the finger grips are provided for proper finger placement. 

First, you have the option of storing the winch hook against the fairlead to prevent the metal-to-metal connection of the hawse or roller-style fairlead.

Consider this heavy-duty, high-weight pulling capacity hook from Factor 55 if you need a professional-quality winch hook. This hook has the power to pull weight effortlessly, weighing up to 16,000 pounds.

This amazing double-shear pin hook is compatible with synthetic and wired cables, which adds significantly to its versatility. With the traditional hook opening, there is no difficulty maneuvering the hook.   

A heavyweight hook is the construction of this hook. The easy breakpoint lends strength and lightweight properties simultaneously. 

Definitely a good investment. Across the hook’s shackle mount and the opening mouth, there are separate capacities of 48,000 pounds and 31,000 pounds. 

This high-tech hook is ideal for professional uses considering its overall strength and reliability.


The outer layer protects it from the elements.

It has a reliable closure.


Drawbacks are minimal.

best winch hook

Five out of five amazing winch hooks on my list are Ranger Clevis Safety Latch Winch Hooks. 

With the powerful winch hook, you can effortlessly drag a heavy 5,400lb weight. Therefore, this hook is more durable and potent because of its long tensile strength.

In particular, this hook has been forged from forged steel, making it quite heavy-duty and highly durable. Furthermore, the hook’s outer shell is powder-coated, so the hook is self-protecting against corrosion and abrasion.

Its bright and vibrant red color doesn’t just add visual interest to your vehicle. It also serves a valuable purpose. This increased vibrancy is designed to make it so easy to recognize in low light conditions. 

Nonetheless, this hook offers unsurpassed quality! Moreover, the durability and safety of the lock are commendable as well. Buying a winch hook from Ranger will be a wonderful experience for anyone.

A vibrant red design makes this product stand out in low lights due to its creative construction. Most manufacturers cannot think in such a creative way. Furthermore, the heavy-duty construction makes it a superior model.  


Designed to last for a long time.

High tensile strength and durability.


No idea how much weight it can bear.

Also consider: Smittybilt 99012 Delta Series: Best smittybilt winch hook

Features of Best Winch Hook

1. Maintaining durability

Any best winch accessories you purchase must be durable. No one wants to spend money on a fragile, low-quality product that will need replacement within a couple of days or months. 

For this reason, choose a hook that is durable and long-lasting. 90% of how long something lasts is determined by the material it is made from. Make sure you choose those made from high-tensile steel or aluminium. 

Tensile instability will cause the hook to bend soon if the strength is low. Plastic hooks are not suitable for pulling heavy objects, as they are meant for rugged use.

2. Heavy-duty pulling capacity

The durability of a hook is determined by 90% of the material and 10% by how it is handled. It is crucial that you establish whether the hook’s weight pulling capacity is appropriate for your needs. 

You will not be able to use a hook with a lower weight capacity than needed if you buy one that is not strong enough. As an alternative, you wouldn’t be harmed if you bought a higher pulling capacity, except it would cost some more.

3. Defending against damage

Hooks on winches are constantly subjected to external assaults. Therefore, they are prone to get damaged easily. Especially materials that are susceptible to moisture and air exposure, such as steel and aluminium. 

Therefore, you should determine whether the hook you purchase has the damage-tackling capability. A durable hook must also be capable of tackling damage.

Unless they are protected against corrosion and rust, their mechanisms will deteriorate. As a result, you need to dispose of them and purchase a new one.

How to Choose The Best Winch Hooks

What happens when you buy a winch hook if it doesn’t serve the purpose you expect? 

Well, you’re going to feel that you wasted your money. Here is an informative guide for buying winch hooks to help you save your hard-earned money.

Due to their size, winch hooks can appear to be an inconsequential accessory that does not require much research before purchase. However, that’s not true since it requires the same amount of research I would do for a car purchase.

It can be daunting to find the right winch hook for your needs when there are so many hooks available in the market. So, for choosing the right hook, read our extensive buying guide for the best winch hooks and make a choice easier.   

Winch hooks are essential accessories to keep in the traveling bag if you are a frequent traveler. Thanks to this small hook in your journey, you won’t have to worry about any problems.

In this case, be sure to choose the best hooks that will keep the winch in its place while in use. In addition to strength, ease of use, durability, etc., many factors to consider when choosing winch hooks.

We’ll review five of the best winch hooks on the market to help you choose the perfect one for your adventures.

Looking For Other Winch Hook Accessories?

Featured Winch Hook Accessories


Is a winch hook needed?

Winch wires, cables, or chains need to be fastened to the winch hook if they are used. Winch hooks are more reliable than chains or cables in gripping wires

What is the proper method for securing a winch hook?

The winch hook is secured against the fairlead from which the winch is pulled.

Are there any hooks included with your winch?

A clevis slip hook of 3/8 inches is commonly used on winch hooks to work with chains.

What are the differences between winch hooks?

There is no such thing as a universal winch hook. Various materials, weight pulling capacity, and other characteristics determine which one is best for you.


Having reviewed all of the best winch hooks in-depth, we’ve come to the end of the reviews. We hope it was helpful. 

This review might be able to help you choose your desired winch hook if you were confused by the multiple options available. 

Following this buying guide would be helpful for newbies or individuals who haven’t been satisfied with their winch hooks. Following this guide will help you make the right hook purchase decision.

Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases at no cost to you.

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