Top 7 Best Winch Fairlead in 2023 (Updated)

Let’s see the list of best winch fairlead in this article.

Before that what is Winch fairlead?

The Fairlead is one of the most crucial pieces of off-road recovery equipment, regardless of whether you have a bumper or winch. 

The Fairlead that comes with your winch will most likely be included in 95% of all cases. 

The great thing about it is that you can use it right away; however, there is endless potential when it comes to fairleads.

It is fitted with a Fairlead to avoid the winch line from becoming damaged or frayed while the winch is in use. 

It is more common to place the winch in the bumper or on it, and the Fairlead sits behind it. Your winch line will have a much shorter life without a Fairlead.

It would be quite painful to have the winch line rub directly against the sharp edges of your bumper if the line did not have a Fairlead. 

In addition to this being a safety issue, it could lead to a failed recovery if it were to break.

Choosing the right Fairlead for your application is important since they come in all shapes and sizes. 

A Fairlead with a large enough surface area is important because winching can often be done at an angle, so you won’t have to worry about losing your winch line.

The fact that there are many different styles of fairleads out there makes it difficult to decide which style to use. 

A winch can be a great way to get yourself or other stuck vehicles out, but it can also be dangerous if you perform incorrectly or with the wrong equipment.

Practice safe winching techniques with the right gear because you can’t afford to make a mistake regarding off-road recovery. 

Due to the close relationship between fairleads and winches, it is crucial to use the right equipment for each.

Where are Fairleads used?

Winches aren’t the only thing that uses Fairleads. A variety of machines and machines in the industrial sector use them also. Fairleads are used primarily for guiding ropes and lines. 

Since winches are such sensitive and expensive machines, a Fairlead intentionally designed to do more than simply guide the winch rope back on the winch drum may be needed.

The Fairlead of a winch does more than passively guide the rope, which is why some off-road enthusiasts believe they are necessary for its function. 

As well as protecting the rope, a good winch fairlead prevents it from abrasion. Furthermore, the angle between the fairlead and winch drum is eliminated, reducing the likelihood of snags.

Types of Winch Fairlead

Roller Fairlead

Roller Fairlead

Winches with wire or steel cables usually have roller fairleads. A roller fairlead is made up of two vertically mounted rollers and two horizontally mounted rollers.

There are four rollers along the steel winch line that make a border. Four-way roller fairleads are the name for these rollers.

Steel is common in roller fairleads. In other words, it is the most suitable option to use with steel winch lines. This type of Fairlead would be very heavy as it is made up of multiple parts.

Hawse Fairlead

Hawse Fairlead

The hawse fairlead, on the other hand, is usually associated with synthetic winches. Aluminum makes up most of the hawse fairleads.

Consequently, they are very lightweight compared to steel roller Fairleads and have a lower friction level. In addition, it is made entirely of one piece of metal, without moving parts. There is minimal likelihood of it breaking. 

The overall weight of the winch can be decreased by up to 40 pounds by using aluminum Hawse Fairleads with synthetic winch cables. (approx.). Steel hawse fairleads are available from a few brands, which is unusual.

You can utilize the steel hawse fairleads with steel cables in that situation. Hawse fairleads typically protrude about 1 inch from the mounting surface.

Table of Best Winch Fairlead

RankProduct NamePrice
1.Champion – 20009 – Best Winch FairleadCheck at amazon
2.Ranger ATV Aluminum Hawse FairleadCheck at amazon
3.Driver Recovery Winch Roller FairleadCheck at amazon
4.10″ Billet Aluminum Hawse FairleadCheck at amazon
5.Anodized Black Hawse FairleadCheck at amazon
6.Ucreative Aluminum Hawse FairleadCheck at amazon
7.Poison Spyder 45-45-010 Aluminum Hawse Winch FairleadCheck at amazon

7 Best Winch Fairlead in 2023

Depending on the type of winch cable you are using, the answer may vary. It is usually recommended to use aluminum fairlead (hawse) if you are using synthetic lines.

You’re not the only one if you are thinking about buying the hawse winch fairlead or the roller winch fairlead. 

What you need to know. It is so intimidating to purchase a winch fairlead for the first time, especially for a newbie. Continue reading, and you’ll learn what I believe is the best winch fairlead ever invented. 

The result is that you will never again have to deal with the lateral strain on your winch or waste time performing an angled pull. Let’s be honest here. 

The Hawse winch fairleads have a good angle approach and are well worth purchasing, especially for off-road drivers who are unable to handle heavy winch fairleads. You should definitely give these a try.

1. Champion – 20009 – Best Winch Fairlead

Champion - 20009 Wire Rope Roller Fairlead

ATV/UTV winches with 3,500-pound capacities or less will be suitable for this roller winch fairlead.

Furthermore, the bolt pattern measures 4-7/7 inches.

Due to the stainless steel used on this roller, you won’t experience binding and will easily handle angled pulls.

A powder-coated frame protects the steel from corrosion.

The roller winch fairleads are not intended for metal rope winches, rather they are designed to ensure that the wire winch ropes have a longer shelf life and are also protected from damage.

This winch fairlead, which weighs two pounds, fits excellently and is easy to use.

Here’s the catch. One year of warranty coverage is provided by the manufacturer. Consequently, you won’t bank your money on something that isn’t reliable.



Powder-coated for extra durability

Ensuring a perfect fit

Small and compact


Heavy-duty work is not recommended

2. Ranger ATV Aluminum Hawse Fairlead – Best Winch fairlead for ATV

Ranger ATV Aluminum Hawse Fairlead

The roller winch fairlead weighs 2.4 pounds, and it can withstand heavy use. It is made from CNC-machined steel that is very high-quality and won’t tangle the cable of the winch.

For ATV winches that weigh 2000 to 3500 pounds, this fairlead is suitable.

Additionally, the winches can be bolted at 124 mm centers.

The system is easy to install and pulls heavy loads effortlessly. Another thing worth mentioning is that this winch fairlead is powder-coated.

It’s cool that you have the option to choose between two colors when purchasing this winch fairlead. You can purchase it in either black or red.


The ability to resist corrosion in addition to being extremely easy to install

Makes it exceptionally strong and ideal for pulling heavy items

Excellent construction



3. Driver Recovery Winch Roller Fairlead – Best Winch Roller Fairlead

Driver Recovery Winch Roller Fairlead

Driver Recovery Products’ premium roller fairlead for off-road vehicles is designed to reduce friction and protect the cable or rope from wear that can shorten the cable’s service life.

The winch design allows it to be used with the majority of winch brands and ATV brackets, and its epoxy-coated steel with ultra-high tensile strength reduces the likelihood of chipping powder-coated models.

Zinc galvanization and chrome are designed to protect it from the elements, and heavy-duty bolts and locknuts ensure that the rollers remain securely in place. 

When pulling at extreme angles, the dowel-pin bearings and composite bushings on multi-directional rollers are able to provide smooth operation.

Rolling fairleads are designed to be used with winches that have a maximum capacity of 2,000 to 3,000 pounds, although it depends on which angle you pull the winch at. 6-5/16″ wide, 2-7/8″ tall (3-5/8″ with bolts included), and 2-3/8″ deep.

There is a 9/16″ gap between the long rollers. The long rollers are bolted together at a center distance of 4-7/8″. The fairlead does not include mounting hardware.


Designed to fit most brands

This is a well-built product

Featuring a sharp roller that rolls smoothly


A pricey purchase

Billet Aluminum Hawse Fairlead

The lifesaver is made entirely of aluminum, so it’s never going to rust.

However, before you start doubting the performance of this winch fairlead, take a moment to read this.

With a capacity of 8000 to 15000 LBs, this winch can handle heavy loads.

In addition, the pattern features a standard fairlead bolt pattern with a center hole of 10 inches. Still, more is in store for you.

With this winch fairlead, you can work with most winches and it comes with the mounting hardware required for most bumpers. Its fit and finish are outstanding, as well as its reasonably low price.

Furthermore, this winch fairlead includes a comfortable cradle that makes pulling easy. Because of its smooth rounded edge at the front, it is designed to be used only with synthetic ropes.


Excellent performance and ruggedness

High quality finish and fit

Effortless to put on

Good machined and well-made


Washers that are thin and cheap

Anodized Black winch fairlead

You might want to check out these hawse winch fairleads and that roller winch design hurts your back.

There is no doubt that it will be comfortable to handle since it weighs only 6.0 pounds.

The hook works with either synthetic rope or wire and would be great for winches over 8000 lbs.

 Additionally, the rope winder is constructed of cast iron and is coated with a black finish, stopping rust on synthetic ropes.

Hawse Fairleads are designed for use with synthetic winch ropes. In order to prevent heat from the engine from transferring to the rope, the winch rope is made from strong 6061 aluminum CNC machining. A black powder-anodized surface (not painted) is fade-proof and scratch-free.

This surface is less aggressive and reduces binding and friction. Synthetic ropes wear less when using this surface. 


An affordable price tag

Accompanied by plastic bolt covers

Reduce friction and binding caused by angled pulls


Rusty bolts might be a problem

6. Ucreative Aluminum Hawse Fairlead – Best Winch Fairlead

Ucreative Aluminum Hawse Fairlead

Fairleads for hawse winches that keep your rope in line and make it easier to manage your rope certainly qualify as a jackpot.

Right? This is why we’ve included this winch on our list.

A big plus is that this winch fairlead can fit just about any self-recovery winch that uses a 10 inches bolt pattern. However, that’s not all. Continue reading.

As a matter of fact, this winch fairlead can be utilized by winches of capacity between 8000 and 13000 pounds, and it’s compatible with any brand. You’re in good hands.

These winch fairleads are made of bullet aluminum and feature 254mm bolt spacing, making them suitable for use with synthetic ropes.

Furthermore, this roller winch fairlead is ideal when pulling at severe angles since its tough construction reduces rope wear and prevents rope binding up in cable-style roller fairleads.


Is made of a sturdy material

Installs quickly and easily

Prevents heat transfer to the winch rope


After using it for a few times, it may begin to fade

7. Poison Spyder 45-45-010 Aluminum Hawse Winch Fairlead – Best Winch Fairlead

Poison Spyder Hawse Winch Fairlead

They look great and are easy to install, which makes them a great choice for winch fairleads.

Weight-saving lightweight plates ensure that your synthetic winch line is protected while in use – and add just the right amount of “spidey” attitude to the operation.

Powder coating protects them from scratches and grime.

CNC-machined from billet aluminum, they have a durable finish. Add some style to your four-wheel drive with a set of these four-way winch fairleads from Poison Spyder.

The billet aluminum is CNC-machined from 6061-T6. It provides a smooth surface for feeding synthetic winch rope through without snagging or wearing with a semi-gloss black powder coating, featuring the CNC-machined poison spyder logo. 

This will prevent the synthetic rope from binding up in the standard cable style roller fairlead, which could cause serious damage to the synthetic rope, and may cause it to snap, while you or somebody else are winching in their rig.


Compatible with most brands of winches

Provides a smooth surface



It May start to fade after a couple of use


Rollers Fairleads And Synthetic Ropes Are Compatible?

Yes, technically speaking. Ropes made from synthetic materials can be used with roller fairleads. There would, nevertheless, need to be no sharp edges or burrs on the roller fairleads. Otherwise, the sharp points may damage your synthetic winch rope. 

Make sure there is no sharp edge on the roller fairleads before using the synthetic line and roller fairlead combo. Nevertheless, we recommend having fairleads of aluminium attached to synthetic winch rope when using hawse fairleads.

What is the situation with Hawse fairleads and steel cable?

With steel cables, it is generally not recommended to use hawse fairleads. A large proportion of hawse fairleads is made of aluminium. The aluminium hawse fairleads are easily damaged by steel cables because steel is a harder material than aluminium. 

As an alternative, you can find special hawse fairleads made from steel. You can also use a steel winch cable along with the steel hawse fairleads. Nevertheless, if the cable is made of aluminium, you should not use steel cable.

Is it possible to use a winch without a fairlead?

As I said before, winches can be employed without a fairlead technically. The process is not recommended. In addition to its obvious drawbacks, a winch fairlead has a few disadvantages as well. 

The winch line, for example, will deteriorate more quickly than it normally would. It is also possible that the cable will not wind up evenly without a winch fairlead. Hence, a fairlead could be an essential accessory to your winch system.

When using a synthetic rope, do I need a Hawse fairlead?

With synthetic winch rope, aluminium fairleads are only used. In summary, steel roller and hawse fairleads can be used with steel winch cable or synthetic winch rope. Fairleads made of aluminium can be used with synthetic winch ropes.  


Hope you selected your best winch fairlead with the help of my article.

Rolling fairleads and hawse fairleads each have benefits and drawbacks. One winch cable or the other may be more suitable for you depending on the winch cable and winch accessories you are using.

You should usually choose an ‘aluminium hawse fairlead and synthetic line’ if you want a lightweight yet sturdy winch setup. 

But if heavy-duty winching is what you want, then you can find a winch with steel rollers and steel cables. Be aware, that you should never use aluminium hawse fairleads with steel cables.

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