Top 4 Best Winch Anchors in 2023 (Updated)

Let’s take a look at the best winch anchors in this article.

Often called a windlass, an Anchor Winch is an anchor and line-drawing device using a spool and motor.

Winches of various sizes and powers are necessary depending on the anchor and line’s weight, length, and strength to be pulled. 

Those criteria are directly related to the size and weight of the boat.  

Electricity or hydraulic power usually powers anchor winches. 

Alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) are the two types of electric current used by winches. 

In boats with onboard generators, AC winches’ purpose is to create electricity. Battery-powered DC winches operate on the same principle. 

On large boats with other hydraulic systems, hydraulic winches are usually found only on the bow.  

In addition to electric winches, manual winches are also available for boaters wishing to conserve power. 

These manual winches require people to pull the line and anchors. Their crank system is usually used to wind them. 

Boat enthusiasts use manual winches to winch boats onto trailers and draw anchors, making them inexpensive and popular.

Pull capacity and pull speed are the two factors that determine the rating of a winch. 

Max weight and working load are the two factors that determine the Pull capacity. 

Whenever a winch is designed to carry a heavy load, it is designated as having the maximum weight. In real life, the winch carries the working load.

The winch should pull the anchor and the rope or chain. A rope is the preferred anchor line for many boaters because it is light and strong. 

You can use a chain when there are abrasive materials underwater which could cause the line to fray or sever. 

In some cases, boaters use a combination of chain and rope, with several feet of chain connecting a longer rope line to the anchor.

Table of Best Winch Anchor’s

RankProduct NamePrice
1.Pull-Pal U.S. Made Winch Anchor – Best Winch AnchorCheck at Amazon
2.BILLET4X4 U.S. Made Winch AnchorCheck at Amazon
3.Redrock 4×4 Ground Anchor: Best Winch Sand AnchorCheck at Amazon
4.Smittybilt 2727 Winch Anchor : Best Winch Ground AnchorCheck at Amazon

List of Best Winch Anchor in 2023

1. Pull-Pal U.S. Made Winch Anchor – Best Winch Anchor

Pull-Pal U.S. Made Winch Anchor

One of the most well-known manufacturers of winch anchors is Pull-Pal.

Various models are suitable for vehicles up to 12,000 pounds, and they have the longest experience in the market.

The Chromoly assembly of this Pull-Pal has welded construction, Grade 8 hardware, and chrome-plated plows. 

When folded, they are a fairly compact package considering their deployed size.

You can fold the tent down to only 32″ x 7″ and weigh 21 lbs with the smallest model. 

You can purchase mounting brackets to attach Pull-Pals to square or round tube bumpers.

There is an extra hole in the back of the Pull-Pal where you can attach a shackle and a strap or chain. Pull-Pal can be used to slowly pull the anchor out by using the strap in case it gets buried while winching.


Weight capacity of 11000 lbs

Is capable of working in both sand and snow

It is both lightweight and compact

It is extremely easy to operate


Separately, you will need to purchase the Pull-Pal carrying case

2. BILLET4X4 U.S. Made Pull-PAL Winch Anchor: Best Winch Anchor

BILLET4X4 U.S. Made Pull-PAL Winch Anchor

It is pretty similar to the previous Pull-Pal item in functionality, except with minor technical differences.

You can pull hard enough on this to make it bite into you deeper. You can also fold it up into a more compact shape.

This unit will work as long as the weight adds up to less than 10,000 pounds.

In its folded state, the spade measures 12 inches in width, 45 inches in length, and weighs 40 pounds. 

Suitable for sand and snow, it measures 12 inches by 45 inches. The product has the same problem as the previous Pull-Pal product. The problem is that some winch users may not be concerned with it. 

However, a carrying case should be included if you want to make your product compact and easy to carry.

Nevertheless, this is an excellent choice for an anchor for a winch. The majority of the items on this list will be variations of this winch anchor. 

In addition, you should not be concerned about storing the anchor itself because it folds up into a small size that’s comparable to a bumper jack or a gun case for easy storage. 

Additionally, you might like to consider getting your Pull-Pal carrying case.


Weight capacity of 14000 pounds

Capable of working in both sand and snow

A lightweight and compact model

That is extremely easy to use


Separately, you will need to purchase the Pull-Pal carrying case

Redrock 4x4 Ground Anchor

An area without a friend or a tree for an anchor will appreciate this 12,000-pound RedRock ground anchor.

Many different soil and ground types, including sand, clay, and others, can be used. 

By attaching your winch to it, you can easily climb out or off any obstacle that you’re stuck in without having to use any other anchor method.

The lift itself will be quite heavy, and strong construction is required.

However, you can fold it. This product comes with a carrying case. It will give you much more peace of mind if you are wheeling in an area that does not have many anchors but does have a winch. 

This steel anchor is installed underneath the vehicle. Again, this is a very heavy and large piece, so it must be extremely strong. 

As you’re pulling the anchor towards you, you have a solid steel point upfront that will be able to cut through any roots or rocks you might encounter before it gets sunk deep enough to allow your vehicle to be pulled out. You can find a couple of mounting points here. 

A pulling bar is also available up here. As well as a quick-release handle and a D-ring, this ground anchor comes with a quick-release handle that allows you to pull it out after use quickly. 

It’s important to note that this only works if you have a winch on your vehicle. However, having just a strap won’t solve the problem. It’s going to take a winch to solve the problem. 

While it might work with a come-along, too, it is most effective when used with a winch. The installation is merely a matter of connecting the cable. 

It will need to be assembled before you can use it, and because it folds nicely into that carrying case, some assembly is involved. However, you will require no installation. 

Rather, you will have to attach the pulling bar immediately above. To that pulling bar, attach your winch cable. Make this dig down into the soil by setting it on an angle. 

You will, of course, experience more and more resistance as it gets deeper and deeper until you expect it to feel more resistance than your Jeep did. 

In place of your vehicle being pulled toward the ground anchor, the ground anchor will start to pull your vehicle toward it. 

This anchor is exceptionally well-constructed. It has a heavyweight construction. 

This tractor has a 12,000-pound pulling capacity, and it also folds up nicely for compact storage. 

Therefore, it is something you can keep in your recovery bag, in the back of your Jeep, and take along with you even when you do not need it.


The device is light and compact

In addition to a handy, durable storage bag



Smittybilt 2727 Winch Anchor

Among the leading brands in the winching industry, Smittybilt is a trusted name. Although ground anchors aren’t their main area of expertise, I think that this particular item is well worth praising.

According to Smittybilt, this winch anchor can handle up to 9000 pounds, but they did not provide an exact number. The construction is solid, and it’s worth the investment. 

In my opinion, the winch anchor’s ability to be positioned at multiple angles greatly excites me. 

You can tackle almost any soil condition with this item. Whether the object is mud, snow, gravel, clay, or rock, it can work in it. Adjustability is no problem.

Moreover, the item comes with a storage bag, which is nice. It does have some disadvantages, however. 

There is a learning curve to find the perfect adjustment for the soil condition, even though the item is completely adjustable for any soil condition.

There is no doubt that the Smittybilt ground anchor is a knockoff of the ARB ground anchor. Our review of this ground anchor reveals that it is the cheapest, but it isn’t the best. 

It is because it tends to plow during deployment. There is a chance that someone who designed the anchor messed up some angles and lengths, but it is more likely that they did so with other land anchors.


It works well in almost any soil type, including and, snow, mud, clay, rocks, and more

The compact construction makes it easier to move around.

Comes with a storage bag that is convenient and durable.


It takes a long time to get used to; not easy to use

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A winch must be anchored to the ground in order to work?

Because of their ease of use, commercial winch anchors are great. Once the plow point is in the ground, you reel in your winch line and set the plow in motion. 

Once the anchor has penetrated the ground and reached your rig, it will bite into the earth and tether itself.

How would you describe a deadman anchor?

A type of anchor system is used for underground storage tanks to prevent the tanks from floating out when the groundwater level is high. 

This anchoring system is known as the deadman system. The beams stretch the full length of the tank, so the full length of the tank is covered.

What is the most effective way to make a deadman anchor?
You can construct a deadman anchor from a log by completing the following steps:

-You need to dig a trench.
-The webbing loop should stick up out of the dirt long enough to hold the log in place.
-The log should be placed in the trench and buried.
-Make sure that the soil is compacted to the greatest extent possible.
-Your rappelling rope should be run through either a rappel ring or a rapid on the webbing loop.

How do sand anchors work?

Your boat will be securely anchored to the shore thanks to the Sand Anchor’s helix configuration. 

The Sand Anchor needs to be screwed into the ground and attached to a mooring line. Superior to sand spikes and slide hammers in terms of holding power.

Are there any anchors that work best in the sand?
There are three anchors suitable for sand bottoms: Fluke, Delta, and Bruce anchors. The fluke anchor is the best because it has two big flukes with the greatest holding power. 

Despite this, you can still use delta, CQR, Bruce, and modern anchors. Nevertheless, Fluke anchors are good for sand bottoms (worthy).

How can I anchor my boat on a rocky bottom?

Several boat anchors are best suited to rock bottoms, including Modern, CQR, Delta, and Fisherman. 

They all have sharp tips on the anchor, making them suitable for rock bottoms (especially Northill’s anchors). It means that they’ll hold firmly on rocks.


The best winch anchors are a key component in manoeuvring ships at sea and docking safely at ports and on the high seas. 

The anchor head provides the resistive force needed to secure an entire vessel (weighing around a few hundred tons). 

You must reel in the winch line when the plow is pointed into the ground. 

Until the spade bites and secures itself, the anchor will travel down into the ground and towards your rig. 

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