5 Best Boat Trailer Winch Stand in 2024 (Updated)

Do you want to get the best Boat Trailer Winch Stand Kit on the market? We ranked them based on professional opinions. 

Our top-ranked picks are featured below, including the best-selling Boat Trailer Winch Stand Kit. Have you been looking for a good Boat Trailer Winch Stand Kit? 

We understand this issue because we went through the whole Boat Trailer Winch Stand Kit qualitative research firsthand, which is why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the finest Boat Trailer Winch Stand Kits on the market right now. 

We have selected the best Boat Trailer Winch Stand Set for 2021 after days of searching and using all of the versions on the market. Take a look at our ranking below!

5 Best Boat Trailer Winch Stand 

1. Die-Matic Winch Stand W/Dutton Lainson 1400lbs: Boat Trailer Winch Stand

Die-Matic Winch Stand

If you’re looking for a Best Boat Trailer Winch Stand that mostly performs and has all of the characteristics you need, this is the one to get. 

This one gets the top rank in our best winch installation plates review as the best choice for various reasons.

Because it’s built of high-grade steel, it’s extremely long-lasting. You also get a rust-resistant black powder coating on top of it. 

When buying a winch mounting plate, one of the most crucial features is sturdiness, which this one provides.

This is the appropriate mount to connect with your winch if it has 8000 to 13000 lbs load capacity. The drilled holes are properly aligned, ensuring a secure fit. 

Cheap mounts have a limited manufacturing tolerance, so the holes won’t always line up as neatly as this one does.

This one also works with a regular winch mount of 10′′ x 4 – 12′′. Overall, we adore this, and it’s without a doubt the greatest of all the options on our list. With a Die-Matic winch mount, you won’t be disappointed.

It has a lot of compatibilities, and there are four forward foot openings on it. This allows it to be mounted forward on foot. 

Additionally, foot-down holes are included to make it compatible with various winches on the market.

2. VE-VE Inc. Sm.- Lg. Winch Post Assembly/Winch Post: Boat Trailer Winch Stand

VE-VE Inc. Sm.- Lg. Winch Post

Let’s be honest about this. There are only a few aspects you can enhance when designing a winch mount. 

It performs nicely, and on top of that, it’s also quite straightforward to use and install. As a result, this one earns a slot in our rankings.

To say the very least, the craftsmanship of this winch mounting plate is outstanding; it’s good at the fundamentals. 

It’s composed entirely of metal. The high-strength steel plate is strong enough to function with winches ranging from 8000 to 17000 Pounds.

This will show how tough this Winch stand is. The openings will also queue up with the winch openings and lead wheels precisely how you want them.

Perhaps the most notable feature is how simple it is to set up and utilize. You won’t have to pull your hair out worrying if it’ll work with your winch because it’s suitable for most of it.

There are pre-drilled openings, and the kit contains all of the necessary installation gear for a quick and easy installation. 

This is a no-brainer if you want something that eliminates the hassle of mounting a winch mount while also being strong.

3. Festnight Best Adjustable Boat Trailer Winch Stand with a Capacity of 1100-2200 pounds

Festnight Adjustable Boat Trailer Winch Stand

There’s nothing particularly noteworthy about this mounting plate. You might be wondering why this is on our list. Though it lacks style, it makes up for strong build quality and functionality.

If you’re looking for a tough winch mounting plate (and you should be), this one’s 3/16” high-quality metal construction will not disappoint. This is undoubtedly one of the most durable things we’ve ever tried.

It also has a powder coat finish that protects it against rust. Rust can be particularly harmful to mounting plates, reducing their structural stability over time. 

That’s one less thing to be concerned about with this anti-rust treatment. Festnight is already a well-known name in the industry. As a result, we are unsurprised by its high quality. 

Like the others on this list, this one aligns perfectly with the holes and gives a very nice fit. It also has a fairlead bolt that is 10” on the center.

This Festnight platform attachment plate will readily function with winches rated 8000 to 13000 pounds in maximum lift capacity. 

There are also other sizes available. A 34” or 36” winch attachment plate is available.

vidaXL Boat Trailer winch stand

When it comes to reputable brands in the winch industry, Badland is a must-have. They’ve been around for a long time and have amassed quite a following for their outstanding items.

This is made specifically for ATVs and utility vehicles. It’s also a cost-effective option, but that’ll have to wait until later. The overall build quality is excellent. 

Frequently, we see inexpensive options skimp on the construction. That isn’t the situation here, fortunately. It’s built of tough heavy-gauge steel (6-gauge), and it’s powder-coated for rust and corrosion protection. 

That pretty much describes everything in terms of durability. The vidaXL winch attachment plates are rated for weight ranges ranging from 2000 to 3000 pounds. 

Yes, it isn’t the highest we’ve seen so far, but this is a good option for people who don’t want such high specifications. It’s also not difficult to set up. 

The only complaint is it does not include installation hardware. Aside from that, this is an excellent option. The fit is perfect, and the holes are perfectly aligned.

Die-matic Heavy Capacity Winch Stand

When we see the words “heavy-duty” in a product’s name, we immediately want to put it to the test. We’re happy to report that this one lives up to its moniker. 

That’s not something you can say about a lot of other low-quality heavy-duty installations. So, what constitutes it “heavy-duty” to begin with? 

First and foremost, you have the construction materials. This one makes use of heavy-duty steel to create some of the most durable structures we’ve seen.

It’s constructed of 3/16” steel and has a black powder-coated appearance. Along with the strong steel rigidity provided by the construction, the coating provides further weather protection.

It’s perfect for off-roaders who fear they might need to pull out their vehicles from a tough spot. While the ideal situation is you never have to, in the unfortunate case you do, be sure that it’s up for the task.

The mounting is very precise and robust, with all of the holes carefully drilled for a secure fit. And to those curious, it has a fairlead bolt design.

There are several models available, each featuring a winch. If you like, you may instead purchase just the mounting plate.

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Qualities of a High Standard Boat Trailer Winch Stand

Adjustable and versatile

Because the major purpose of having a winch stand on your boat trailer should be to provide you with more angles to deal with, it should be adaptable. 

It should be highly flexible to have enough angles, options, and areas to work with, even in remote locations.

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Strong and Durable

When it concerns winches and their components, I always think of them as chains. Each winch attachment is represented as a link in the chain. 

The winch is only as good as its weakest attachment, just as the full strength of the link is equal to the weakest wire fence. 

The point is that if the boat trailer winch stand is not sufficiently strong, the whole winch operation is jeopardized. The winch stand should support at least as much weight as the winch.

It should also be corrosion resistant and cracking because it will be working in an area with a lot of water. If you want your winch stand to be more secured, consider adding some UV protection to the combination.

Mounting is simple

A good winch stand, in my view, should also be simple to install. It should also be durable, even if it is simple to install. Now, let’s look at the products that, in my opinion, best meet the criteria as mentioned earlier.

Buying Guide to Select Best Boat Trailer Winch Stand

Stability is critical when purchasing a winch stand. The winch stand you choose will influence the ease with which you load and unload your boat trailer.

If you discover your stand has rusted or bent, it’s time to get a new one. There are various different types of boat trailer winch stands available.

It’s crucial to consider your size and weight before deciding on the best solution for you. Then think about the type of boat you’ll be transporting.

The winch stand arrangement of four different types of boats will be discussed: all-purpose fishing boats, patio boats, sailboats, and speedboats.

Boat for All-Purpose Fishing

Aluminum or fiberglass hulls are used in all-purpose fishing trawlers. A fiberglass boat will be heavier than an aluminum boat, and weight must be considered when replacing the winch stand. 

Take into account the size and height of the attached stern roller. The boat trailer winch stands for colors when putting an all-purpose fishing vessel onto the trailer because the winch pulls the boat over onto the trailer.

Pontoon Boats are a type of boat that is used to transport people. There are two air-filled pontoons on every side of these flat-bottom boats. 

The winch stand on your boat trailer must not only support the winch but also steady the pontoons.

The winch stand features a series of stairs that lead to the boat’s decks, and it also acts as a barrier for your boat while you pull it onto the trailer. 

The winch support must be strong; otherwise, if you apply too much force to it too rapidly, it will bend.

Sailboats and other differential pressure boats are large and hefty. Your trailer and winch must be capable of handling the weight and the height of the boat. The winch stand must be both tall and durable.

Jet Skis 

Although these small watercraft are not particularly large, you should ensure that the boat trailer winch system is solid and in good working order; otherwise, your jet skis may be damaged.

If you need to replace a broken winch stand on your boat trailer, the best option is to obtain the exact model you had previously. If the precise model you were looking for is no longer available, all is not lost.

Take precise measurements and make a mental note of how the winch stand is attached — you’ll locate a suitable replacement sooner rather than later. 

Several online boat trailers and marine stores sell winch stands in various sizes and styles.

Features To Consider 


A high-quality polish will help your boat trailer winch stand last longer. Whether you favor freshwater or saltwater, a high-quality finish will keep your gear rust-free. Not to mention the fact that you look great.

Boat trailers and winch stand components are both made of galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is rust-resistant steel that has been coated with zinc.

After each use, thoroughly rinse your boat and trailer, particularly if it has come into touch with saltwater. This habit will help it last longer and look good for a long time to come.


The importance of stability cannot be overstated. You want to make sure your winch stand is safe, as well as the rest of your trailer’s attachments. 

On the highway, you don’t want an unsteady boat behind you. This technique could prove to be not only costly but also dangerous.


The range of your boat trailer winch stand component is directly affected by a load of your boat. 

The bigger the winch you’ll need to operate your boat, the heavier it is. This concept relates to stability, especially in large, heavy boats like sailboats.

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A winch stand is a fixture to which a winch is attached and which provides a stable platform against which the winch may pull. 

There are many types of winch stands, ranging from a short stand for attaching a winch to the deck of a boat to a high, post-like stand for mounting a winch to a trailer. 

A winch stand varies from a winch mounting or bracket that raises beyond the vehicle’s level or vessel with which it is connected. 

A powered or hand-operated winch can typically be accommodated in most stands, serving as a stop, guide, or latching post.

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