(Top 4) Best ATV/UTV Winch Straps in 2024 (Updated)

Let’s see some of the best ATV/UTV winch straps in this article.

One of the smartest purchases for all ATV enthusiasts is a good winch strap. You can use it to pull yourself or another person out of mud, sand, or snow.

But there are so many different types and brands on the market, which one should you buy? 

Here in this article, I compare the top 4 best ATV/UTV winch straps in terms of price, safety factor, and ease of use. Feel free to check them out and see which one suits your needs!

Before that, there are various Straps available in the market that you can use according to your purpose for your ATV. 

These are Tree saver straps, Tow straps, Ratchet straps, Cable, and many more. Here, you will be learning about ‘Top 5 Best ATV winch Strap’.

But before going further, let’s understand the different types of Straps.

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Types of Straps

#1 Tree Saver Strap

Tree Saver Strap

A tree saver strap, also known as a tree protector strap, is used to secure your winch line to a tree. It is made of nylon or polyester webbing and has looped ends. 

To connect the winching rope to the strap, you must use a D-shackle. It is appropriate for winching because it stores energy when stretched. So they are also known as non-elastic straps. 

A tree saver strap may include an additional nylon or polyester webbing layer. Because tree protector straps come in various rated capacities and sizes, you must select one based on your needs. 

Each tree saver strap is also accompanied by an information tag. It provides users with rated load capacity, manufacturing date, and usage guidelines. 

Do not use the strap if this tag is worn out. Furthermore, using a tree saver strap with a lower-rated capacity or without knowing how to use it safely can be hazardous.

Tow Strap

Tow Strap

A tow strap is less stretchy polyester and is designed for towing a freely moving vehicle behind another vehicle. Tow straps typically have metal hooks on both ends. 

Tow straps are typically used to recover one vehicle using another vehicle. Connect the strap’s one end to the back of the vehicle and the other end to the front of the recovered vehicle.

Ratchet Strap

Ratchet Strap

Ratchet straps are polyester webbing cargo tie-down straps. They pass through a buckle that allows you to loosen and tighten the strap, allowing you to lengthen the strap until it can be pulled across your entire load, then tighten the strap until there is enough tension to secure the load. 

We are occasionally asked how to use ratchet straps and what Ratchet tie-down straps are used. Ratchet cargo straps can secure a load to the floor of a flatbed truck. 

You can also use it to tie down and secure cargo to the sides of an enclosed trailer’s interior. 

Tree strap vs Tow strap

The tree strap is significantly wider than the tow strap.

The tree strap is shorter than the tow strap.

The tow strap stretches, but not the tree saver.

A tow strap is used differently than a tree saver strap.

Table of 5 Best ATV/UTV Winch strap in 2024

Our Top Pick

TGL 3 Inch, 8 Foot Tree Saver Strap

TGL 3 Inch, 8 Foot Tree Saver Strap

30,000-pound capacity.

3″ wide, 8′ long

Heavy Duty

Editor’s Pick

Agency 6 Winch Hook Pull Strap

Agency 6 Winch Hook Pull Strap

9.75 long strap

Polypropylene Strap

Heavy Duty

Runner UP

Lift Sling Webbing Straps

Lift Sling Webbing Straps

Basket Capacity: 13,000 lbs

Vertical Capacity: 6,500 lbs

Choker Capacity: 5,120 lbs

Also Great

ELITEWILL 2 winch mount

WARN 39557 5/16 Winch Strap

Value for Money

Fits up to 3500 lb

Front Or Rear Mounted

List of Top 4 ATV/UTV Winch strap

1. TGL 3 inch, 8 Foot Tree Saver Strap: best aTV/UTV winch strap

TGL 3 inch, 8 Foot Tree Saver Strap for atv/utv

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

Up to 30,000-pound capacity.

3″ wide, 8′ long 

Heavy Duty

This TGL strap is a 3″ wide, 8′ long heavy duty winch strap, tree strap, and tow strap with a 30,000-pound capacity. 

It is ideal for a winch to recover vehicles while protecting trees from damage or other purposes. Tow strap that is CE, TUV certified and meets or exceeds the listed limits. 

It has reinforced loops that protect against abrasions at attachment points, allowing your strap to last longer.

TGL straps have a wear bar in the center of the strap. When the bar isn’t visible, the strap can still indicate use.


  • Manufacturer: TGL
  • Brand: TGL
  • Model No.: 3-8TS
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 3×0.16×96 inches
  • ASIN: B00Z8R7T3Q

2. Agency 6 Winch Hook Pull Strap: best aTV/UTV winch strap

Agency 6 Winch Hook Pull Strap for atv/utv

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

9.75 long

Polypropylene Strap

Heavy Duty

These Agency 6 straps must safely handle winch hooks and other wire rope hooks. The pull straps keep the hook secure while keeping fingers away from the fair lead. 

It is made of heavy-duty 1″ Polypropylene to withstand all weather conditions. Only one side of the strap has a closed-loop for hook installation. 

Also included is a flat side of the strap with the A6 grip logo for pulling with your hand. It is made in the United States and comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Manufacturer: Agency 6 Inc.
  • Model No.: Model-i-456
  • Weight: 0.95 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5.94 x 4.49 x 0.47 inches
  • Material: Polypropylene

3. Lift Sling Webbing Straps: best winch strap for ATV/UTV plow

Lift Sling Webbing Straps for atv/utv

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

Basket Capacity: 13,000 lbs

Choker Capacity: 5,120 lbs

Vertical Capacity: 6,500 lbs

Heavy Duty

Robbor Lift Sling Webbing Straps have a vertical capacity of 6,500 pounds, a choker capacity of 5,120 pounds, and a basket capacity of 13,000 pounds. 

This 2-inch Nylon Recovery Tow Strap is constructed of high-quality industrial-grade webbing for Superior Durability and Performance. 

It is made with Cordura Wear Pads at the Eyes to provide maximum protection at its wear points where it rubs against other items like tow hooks and shackles.

Robbor Lift Sling Towing Straps meet or exceed CE, TUV Testing Standards. 

Robbor conducts random testing on every production run to ensure that our straps meet our standards. Robbor Lift Sling & Tow Straps are covered by a Lifetime Warranty.


  • Manufacturer: Robbor
  • Weight: 2.09 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.51 x 3.86 x 2.2 inches
  • Material: Polyester

4. WARN 39557 5/16″ Winch Clevis Hook and Strap: best aTV winch cable

WARN 39557 5/16 Winch Strap for atv/utv

5/5 (Author Rating)

Key Features

Suitable for winches from 2000 lb to 4000 lb capacity

ATV hook with safety latch

Heavy Duty

Warn offer a wide range of off-road products for truck and SUV owners. These products were created by people who use them for the rugged Pacific Northwest weather.

Products include winches, bumpers, mounting systems, off-road accessories, 4wd hubs, epic wheels, and body armor.

The WARN 39557 ATV Hook and Strap has a strong safety latch. The red WARN imprinted hook strap is a service replacement part for ATV/UTV winches ranging from 2000 to 4000 pounds. This strap’s cable pin size is 5/16in.


  • Manufacturer: WARN
  • Model: WARN 61-1219
  • Model No.: 39557
  • Weight: 13.3 ounces
  • Dimensions: 6 x 5 x 9.5 inches
  • OEM Part No.: BCSQ39557

How to Use Ratchet Straps

  • To Open the Ratchet, Use the Release Catch.

Lift up the ratchet’s handle and axle simultaneously to point the open slot, using the release catch – also known as the release lever. The release catch is located in the ratchet’s movable top center.

  • Close and Reverse the Ratchet

Close the ratchet so that you can access the axle assembly. Pull up on the release catch and flip the ratchet so that the cogs (spiked wheels) face upwards.

  • Insert the Strap Into the Open Slot

Thread the free end of the strap through the open slot at the bottom of the ratchet (mandrel) by bringing the strap underneath the ratchet and pushing it up through the open slot. 

Wrap it around the axle, then re-enter it through the same opening you used before. The strap should be straight and overlap with the second half on the opposite side of the ratchet.

  • Tighten the End-Fittings

Place the strap’s attached end-fittings – flat hook, chain anchor, etc. – in their proper positions.

  • Pull the Strap’s Free End

Pull the free end of the strap taut, leaving no slack between the two ends of the strap. If too much excess webbing has not been pulled through the mandrel, you risk jamming the ratchet when tightening.

  • Tighten the Ratchet.

Pump the ratchet handle to tighten the strap and remove any remaining slack. When you do this, the strap should wrap around the axle. Stop ratcheting when it feels taut and secure. 

Take care not to overtighten! Excessive pressure and stress can harm the cargo and tear/break the strap. 

The strap has likely been overtightened if you can’t fit at least one finger between the strap and your cargo, so you should loosen it. You’ll need to hit a happy medium between secure but not too tight.

  • Close and secure the ratchet handle.

When the strap is completely taut, completely close the ratchet handle.

Put the strap in place and tighten it. 

This is accomplished by flipping the ratchet back into the closed position and pressing it closed until you hear it latch closed. 

If you don’t hear a click, yank on the strap and buckle to ensure its safety. If it becomes loose, locate and use a different ratchet strap – it could be defective!

  • Pull and hold the release handle.

To unbuckle the ratchet strap, pull and hold the release handle. At the top of the ratchet, the release tab should be easily accessible. 

This will override the ratcheting function, releasing the lock and allowing you to open the ratchet handle.

The strap will then come loose, allowing you to easily pull it through the axle slot. Pull the strap out of the ratchet’s hold by flipping the ratchet open, so it lays flat.

  • After Use; Inspect, Wrap, and Store

When you’re finished with your ratchet strap, wrap it and secure it with a rubber band. 

Put the strap and ratchet gear in a dry case or bag once it’s secure. Examine the ratchet, end-fittings, and strap for tears, damages, or elongation/deformation.


This article teaches about different types of straps, how to use ratchet straps, and our well-researched Top 4 best ATV/UTV winch straps. 

I hope all this information will help you choose the best strap for your ATV according to your requirements.

Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases at no cost to you.

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